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Special Guest Interview with Keith Scales:

I had the privilege of interviewing one of the most popular paranormal authors in Arkansas this past February: Keith Scales.

Keith is the manager of the amazingly popular Ghost Tours at the Crescent Hotel, located in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. The Crescent Hotel is 134 years old and is billed as “The Most Haunted Hotel in America,”  and has been featured on several TV shows including “Ghost Hunters,” where the show’s investigators picked up several bits of evidence of paranormal activity.

I spoke to Keith about his exciting book House of a Hundred Rooms: Tales the Ghost Tour Guides Do Not Tell.  The book takes the reader through the history of the Crescent Hotel using stories of real people who lived and worked in the hotel, bringing the stories, people, and its haunted tragedies to life.

Scales dives into the characters who once lived and breathed at the Crescent Hotel and tells its rich history with: the Stonemason, Michael, Nurse Theodora, a little boy named Breckie who died at the young age of 6, and the infamous con-doctor: Dr. Norman Baker. Scales also tells about several other ghosts from the hotel, including a little girl in the mist and the man on the stairs. The author also goes into the history of what the hotel building was used for during its time. For example it was a women’s college, a brothel, and a hospital for dying cancer patients.

What I love best about Scales’ book is that he claims his book and his ghost tours are full of FACTS! Keith said he does not like to falsify claims for the benefit of tourism. And he surely doesn’t need to for his book because the characters surely speak for themselves: they were fascinating people whose times in history are rich with emotion and description.

He says a long time ago when he took a job as a tour guide for the hotel, he was told, “just tell them anything.” But Keith didn’t like that message. So as time went on, he explained to his boss why it was IMPORTANT not tell the tourists false information. With permission, he soon began to dig into the hotel’s interesting history learning the truth about its workers, patrons, students (when it was a college), doctors, staff, and patients (when it was a hospital where a well-known con-man claimed he had the cure to cancer).

With all this NEW knowledge, he updated the ghost tour telling the correct history of the Crescent Hotel really bringing it to life. Then he thought one day, “Why not write it all down.” That’s when the idea for his well-known book was born! And not just any book but THE BEST SELLING BOOK at the Crescent Hotel!  
          So, who are the most fascinating spirits at the Crescent Hotel? Well, I won’t delay any longer. Scales tells me they include Theodora, Michael, and Breckie. As well as another well known character, who has not been spotted at the hotel however appears to have had many imprints in time, from none other than Dr. Baker. 

In 1937, the infamous Dr. Norman Baker claimed he could cure patients dying from cancer; however, he simply lied to them, stole their money, and watched them die. After their deaths, he would cover up their disease by cutting out the patient’s cancer or tumor as proof of success then hid the evidence by burying it on the hotel’s grounds. The current hotel gardener, Susan Benson, recently discovered some artifacts from Dr. Baker’s time on February, 5, 2019. Those discoveries prompted an archaeological dig by University of Arkansas on the grounds and is far from done. So far the collection outside the hotel consists of 500 jars containing organic matter in alcohol as well as many unidentified medicines. However, in 1940 Dr. Baker was sent to prison. The hotel then sat empty for 6 years.

 Scales also believes that Theodora, who may have been a nurse for Dr. Baker when it was a hospital, remained in the hotel after her death to serve those who were terminally ill. He says, “The patients still needed her so I think she stays to help others in the building even in her afterlife. She often is seen outside of room 419 fumbling for her keys. 
          Then there’s Michael, a 17 year old, Irish-immigrant and Stonemason. Michael was in charge of lowering the stones onto a narrow wall, making the outer stone walls of the hotel. Known to daydream, Michael really wished he had a girlfriend. One day on the first hot day during the summer when the sun was blazing down all the men took a longer than normal break without telling Michael. As he waited for them to come back he saw a lovely red-headed Irish girl walking by, waved her down and began showing off doing the jig while up real-high on his post. As the girl shouted for him to stop out of fear of him falling, poor Michael did just that, falling to his death tragically while trying to impress her.
          In addition to these spirits at the Crescent Hotel there is poor little 6-year-old Breckie who died after four days in the hospital after a bout of appendicitis.  He is often heard by guests bouncing a ball off the walls in the hallway. Still suffering from the loss of her beloved son, his mother later attended a séance to contact little Breckie. Allegedly, she did speak with Breckie who told his mother that he was happy and playing somewhere in a dream-world. Throughout the years, Breckie has been seen, only by child guests, either on the grounds or inside the hotel playing ball. Suddenly Breckie disappears into thin air while playing with the guest children staying at the hotel. When the guests ask staff members about the boy and tell them that he suddenly vanished, the staff knows it’s little Breckie. Not wanting to scare the children and tell them they’ve been playing ball with a ghost, they simply say, “He had to go.”
         So would I recommend, House of a Hundred Rooms: Tales the Ghost Tour Guides Do Not Tell..? Yes, I certainly would recommend it!
          Not only does it tell all the important history of the hotel but the book is so well written that the characters jump off the page at your heart! Paranormal-seekers and lovers will FALL IN LOVE with this book for its thrills and chills and non-believers will value it for its rich- knowledgeable history. It is even wonderfully illustrated by Keith Scales’s wife, Rebecca J. Becker, who truly brings the ghostly characters to light with her gorgeous artwork of those who lived and died at the Crescent Hotel, The Most Haunted Hotel in America!

©Rosella C. Rowe

Book by Keith Scales and other works:
-House of a Hundred Rooms: Tales the Ghost Tour Guides Do Not Tell…: https://www.amazon.com/House-Hundred-Rooms-Tales-Guides/dp/1978086881
-The Cloverleaf Development
In process: Seven Story Hotel
Other books by Keith under his pen name: Julian Keith:
-Brane Fever
-John Dee's Back Leg
In process: Red Sky at Night
-Coming Soon: Audio book (as Keith Scales) The Fool in the Forest

For more information about the Crescent Moon Hotel: https://www.crescent-hotel.com/
Crescent Hotel Ghost Tours and Events: www.americasmosthauntedhotel.com

Tuesday, April 28, 2020

Poasttown Elementary School

September 1st, 2019, was a hot day. But I did not mind because I was driving to one of the most amazing places to investigate paranormal activity. I had heard about Poasttown Elementary School in Middletown, in southwestern Ohio, for quite some time but I had no idea how many paranormal experiences awaited me.

I pulled up to the elementary school about 4 that afternoon, and I was surprised when I saw it was a HUGE building. At first glance you believe it to be a government property until you see the name of the school on the decrepit building.

I parked my car to the left of the building near a small gray door. As I stepped out of my car, I met my fellow investigators. Soon we all were greeted by a nice man in his 60s who stood in the doorway holding a cane. He ushered us all inside and began giving us a small tour and telling us some light history of the school. The man was Darrell Whisman, the owner and caretaker of the building. He had bought the old school with his wife, Brenda and they converted a small portion of it into their living quarters. Darrell’s mother even lived there with them until she died.

The school opened in 1937 and closed its doors in 2000. So the building had a very long run. The owners continue to find school items in lockers, hallways, and inside walls as they fix up, and clean up the school to restore it. “Sometimes things just appear out in the halls,” said Darrell. He showed us some of the items they’ve found including an old textbook that used to belong to a teacher at the school, and a child’s book of poetry.  “All of sudden you will be walking by or sweeping, and suddenly an object will just appear that wasn’t there a minute ago,” Darrell told us.

After speaking with Darrell for some time, we started our investigation by walking through the gym and cafeteria. It wasn’t until we reached the second floor that we experienced anything paranormal.

The second floor had an intense feel to it. It was dark even though we were investigating during daylight hours. After a few hours roaming through hallways and classrooms, a thunderstorm rolled in. Soon it became even darker and hard to see so we had to dig out our flashlights. The thunder outside sure was an experience! The building shook with the thunder’s bangs, and the lightning strikes lit up the old classrooms and hallways. You could definitely feel the heaviness increase in the air as it filled with electricity from the storm.

We walked from classroom to classroom along the dark hallways peeking into closets. My friend was holding a new infrared camera she just bought when her new batteries suddenly drained down to nothing. Luckily, she brought several and changed them out.

We had just walked out of this classroom that had lockers in the back of the room for the students to put their things when my friend said, “Hey, I caught something!” She rewound the footage from her camera and showed us. I couldn’t believe it. You could clearly see a wispy, self-illuminating red orb swirl around like a fish in tank. Then it disappeared into thin air. We hadn’t seen it with our eyes when inside the classroom, however, you could CLEARLY see it on the video.

As my friend was looking at her camera and showing us the footage again, something caught my attention.  “Guys, did you see something?” I asked as I kept looking down the hall. But everyone was so busy staring at the camera that they didn’t hear me.

Then I froze in disbelief. Down the hall I saw an electric green-glowing cat with hollowed-out black eyes walking with its back hunched up as if was spooked by us! The cat walked from the left side of the hallway to the right and stopped once to hiss at us, then it disappeared into the wall. I will NEVER forget that experience!

Later, I was told that the hallway where I had seen the green glowing cat was reported to be the most haunted part of the school.

An hour later we walked into a room that used to be the library. It was full of dolls that people had brought to the school for the children to play with. Now there were so many dolls that the caretakers have renamed the room, the Doll Room. It was eerie! There are so many types of dolls from nice antique dolls to china dolls, and plastic baby-dolls. The room felt very stagnant. At first, I felt intense dread when I walked in. It was so strong that I had to leave the room for a bit. I came back a few minutes later and the room felt very different and safe, so I stayed.

I set up my equipment with my friends and we all began to ask yes and no questions. A little bit into our investigation we began to get responses. The EMF reader lit up in sequence to the questions we were asking. We soon found out we were talking to a little girl who was four years old. She had blonde hair and blue eyes and had died in a train accident on the property on July 4, 1910, before the grounds became the site for the school.

“Oh, my God!” I exclaimed to my friends. “I saw a documentary about that train accident on TV last winter!” I was shocked that I was standing on THAT property and I didn’t even know it!

Turns out that there were two train accidents on the property before the school was built. The first was July 25, 1891 when employees of the National Cash Register Co. were on their way back to Middletown from Dayton where they had held a company picnic. The passenger train they were on collided with a freight train causing 4 deaths and 50 injuries.

The second was the accident in which the little girl we were having a conversation with had claimed to have died. Nineteen people were killed, and the land transformed into a mini-hospital while the police waited for other trains to show up to transport the injured to hospitals and the dead to morgues.

I felt so sad for the little girl. It was the most interesting experience I have ever had. I ended up having a whole EMF conversation with her for more than an hour and half! Another apparition, a woman, spoke to us via the EMF reader. She was not the little girl’s mother but she also died in the train accident. But we figured out that she was very protective of the girl. I told them both that I was parent and I had a little girl myself. The child seemed to like me asking her questions. If others asked anything she seemed to shy away. But when I talked to her about my daughter’s love for ballet, dancing, singing, and baby dolls, she would answer me every time.

After a long investigation, we were all tired and walked back down to Darrell. We spoke to him about our experiences, and he clued us into some of the incredible experiences he’s had while living there.

He said, once woke up at 4 a.m. on his hands and knees in the middle of his bedroom with his head bleeding. He still doesn’t know how that happened. Another time, he was really hot one night so he got out of bed to kneel on the floor and rest. As he leaned over his bed, and just as he was drifting back to sleep, his pajama bottoms were yanked down. He also has had several health scares since moving into the school and isn’t sure if the two are related.

Darrell is a very kind man who loves to talk about his haunted experiences in the school. He wants to preserve the building. Darrell believes that the school isn’t full of evil spirits, but “when a person passes on, they come back to the ONE place they were happy.” That is why he thinks the spirits are in his school.

Believe it or not, Darrell actually attended Poasttown as a child. He has lived in the building for 14 years and has seen a lot. Darrell says he loves protecting and taking care of the school. He hates to even leave the property even for little things like going out to dinner or for weekend trips! He feels completely at home with the spirits in the school. In fact, the money Darrell and his wife receive from paranormal investigators and other visitors fund the school’s upkeep and preservation.

Would I recommend visiting the Poasttown Elementary School? Certainly! The school is quite an experience for believers and non-believers. You won’t leave without experiencing something!

I still can’t believe I saw the glowing-green cat that hissed at me from down the hall and that I had such a long conversation with the little girl who died in the train accident! How odd was it that I had seen that documentary on that VERY accident not long before? it for that very reason. 

So what will you experience? See for yourself and visit the Poasttown Elementary School!

©Rosella C. Rowe

Poasttown Elementary School: https://www.poasttownschool.com/

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Haunted Ireland Tour of Ireland Sept. 21'



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Titanic Museum: Branson, MO


           It was February! Who wouldn’t want take a spontaneous trip to the Titanic Museum in Branson, MO! In my case I looked at my kids’ school calendar and saw that they had a four-day weekend. So I turned to my husband and said, “That’s it! We are out of here!” I packed our bags, booked a hotel with a small water park inside for the kids, and we were off!

I have always loved learning about the RMS Titanic! I confess, I probably saw the movie four times in the theater. After that, I turned into a Titanic Junkie!  

When I learned from the TV Show Ghost Adventures that there was a Titanic Museum in Branson I totally freaked out with excitement and knew I had to go! The kids getting off school for an oddly timed, four-day weekend was a pure sign!

Who knew I would end up interviewing Jamie Terrell, the chief of staff, dressed in a Titanic stewardess uniform in the museum’s gift shop. Jamie appeared on the episode of Ghost Adventures that prompted this mini-vacation and was interviewed by Zack Bagans, paranormal investigator and executive producer of the show.  She also took him around the museum and showed him all the haunted spots. I became a total groupie! I could not believe I got to interview her. I am so lucky. This experience was truly amazing and Jamie made my day … my year!

I asked Jamie about the most haunted spots in the museum. She said there are children’s hand prints found every morning and night on the Captains Bridge on the second floor. At first the cleaning crew noticed them and reported it because they didn’t want the staff to think ill of their cleaning job. After a while the staff took over cleaning the windows and soon experienced the same thing: young child hand prints toward the bottom of the glass on the bridge each morning and night. Soon after the staff would clean it, they would come back. The staff would see the prints again on the glass when walking through on their rounds. The staff is unsure of who is leaving the prints but Jamie says it could be a 6-year-old boy who didn’t die on the Titanic but soon afterward. The boy’s name was Robert Spedden. He did make it to a lifeboat and was rescued, but died later in a car accident. “It seemed like death followed him,” said Jamie. “He almost died before he got onto the Titanic from an illness, survived the ship’s sinking, but then died in a sudden car crash.”

           Another mysterious thing that people have experienced is the scent of cigar smoke, believed to be coming from the Captain of the Titanic. I noticed the aroma TWICE myself! The first time, I was on the second floor with my husband and children sitting in the replica of the Titanic’s lifeboat. My grandfather smoked pipes and cigars when I was a kid, so I know what a cigar smells like! I turned to my husband and said, “Am I crazy or do you smell cigar smoke?” He replied he did. We both thought it was strange because you can’t smoke in the museum.
          The second time, I was speaking to Jamie about this very thing and also was taking her picture for this blog in the gift shop when the scent came through the air again! We both stopped and looked at each other. “There it is again. Cigar smoke!” I exclaimed to her as we both smiled. Jamie let a little laugh saying, “Yep! That’s definitely the smell we always experience.” I considered it a compliment that the ghost must like me!

          Jamie also said she and the staff often hear their names being called while completing tasks when the museum is closed. Also, the bows the women have on their stewardess-costumes tie in the back, and they report feeling the strings of the bows being tugged. I asked her if she thought the ghost-children may be the ones who were responsible for this, but she simply said, “I’m not sure. No one knows!”
        The museum hosts many weddings on its incredible stairwell, which is a replica of the staircase on the ship. The original blueprints of the Titanic were used to rebuild the staircase inside the museum. Jamie said the staff has the same experiences before each wedding hosted by the museum. For example, when setting up for a wedding the staff gets out two three-tiered candleholders placing one on each side of the stairwell for the ceremony. They light all the candles and every time just before the ceremony, one candle mysteriously blows out. “It’s never during a wedding ceremony,” Jamie stated, “but always right before. The staff just lights the candle again and everything is fine. They don’t go out again after that. It’s always when they are first lit.”

            “Have you ever seen a spirit here in the museum before?” I asked Jamie. She said she had. “I believe it’s John Jacob Astor, age 47, who was the richest man aboard the Titanic. He died when the Titanic sank.” Jamie says she often sees him at the top of the stairs to the right on the famous stairwell inside the museum because his bedroom, also rebuilt from original blueprints, was right next to the stairwell. Jamie says she has often seen a shadow person figure of him as well.

Astor’s duplicate bedroom also holds a replica of a dress his wife designed showing patrons what style of dress was worn in 1912 by a First Class wealthy woman. His wife, in early pregnancy, escaped the ship in one of the lifeboats, but Astor was ordered to stay on the ship with other men.

 “It just goes to show how much money will not save you,” reported Jamie. “That is amazing,” I replied. “You would think that back then you could try to buy your way onto a lifeboat,” I replied. However, if John Astor tried, he simply found out, he couldn’t.

          Another spirit that often visits the museum is Wallace Hartley, age 33. Wallace was the lead violinist on the Titanic and became a nautical hero. As the ship was sinking, he led fellow band members in playing music to help calm passengers and crew as they loaded the lifeboats. Historians believe the band played “Nearer My God to Thee.” The men played until the very end. When the ship sank they were all on deck near the staircase. Some were dragged off the bow as others down holding the staircase railing. It was said that Hartley exclaimed as they went down, “Gentlemen, I bid you farewell.”  

None of the men survived and Wallace Hartley’s violin was found on his frozen body about two weeks later. He had a bag strapped to him with his precious violin inside. The violin is now considered a National Treasure. It flies first class with a personal handler to the museum when it is on temporary display on loan by a personal collector. In 2013 the violin sold at auction for about $1.5 million and became the highest price paid for an RMS Titanic Artifact. Now in 2020, it is worth 2 Million dollars.

Jamie says each time the artifact is displayed at the museum, they seem to experience a bit of Wallace. For example, the day the artifact arrived before the museum opened, the staff held a prayer for the violin and afterward a man on staff said, “There’s going to be some ‘nay’ sayers,” and the lights suddenly went out in the whole museum. Jamie and the staff believed this to be Wallace defending this statement. Jamie says she called out to him, “It’s yours Wallace! We know it!” Then the lights came back on.

Another artifact that possibly brought another sprit to the museum was a set of wedding rings belonging to Carl and Selma Asplund. After their daughter died, the artifacts were found in an old shoe box. Jamie says, “the staff of the museum often conducts their own little ghost hunts when the museum is closed.” Jamie told me of a time when she and a friend were near the wedding rings asking questions. Her friend was holding an EMF reader while Jamie asked the spirit, “Are you looking for somebody?” The EMF reader lit up. Jamie took that as a ‘yes.’ She says she looked around the room and saw the Asplund wedding ring display. She knew Mr. Asplund, age 40, did not survive the Titanic’s sinking but his wife and two children did. Jamie knew the family had been split up last minute during the tragic event. She feels Mr. Asplund must be looking for the rest of his family to see if they survived. Jamie told him: “Mr. Asplund, you can stop looking for them because they made it off the Titanic.” She noticed the EMF reader never lit up again. Jamie took that as a sign the spirit of Mr. Asplund had moved on. She said, “The museum fell silent and peaceful after that moment.”

Jamie told me about a very interesting passenger who might be of interest to me due to my love of the history and paranormal hauntings. The passenger’s name was William Stead, age 62. He was reported to have been telling ghost stories while at dinner on the Titanic in the first-class dining room. Apparently, he had been telling other passengers about a mummy that was in cargo on the ship below and that this mummy had cursed the ship. Stead told his dining companions they would all parish at sea. Hmm…I thought, how fitting.

When I got home I looked up this information and found the story to be true! William Stead was an amazing man who was one of the world’s first paranormal investigators. He was a writer and journalist. Ironically, he had written an article called, How the Mail Steamer Went Down in the Mid-Atlantic, by a Survivor. In the article, an unknown steamer collides with another ship and, due to a shortage of lifeboats, there is a large loss of life. Stead wrote, “This is exactly what might take place and will take place if liners are sent to sea short of lifeboats.” He also wrote a novel very similar to the Titanic’s fate about a ship called the Majestic hitting an iceberg in the Mid-Atlantic titled, Old World to the New.

Stead was known as a Medium who held séances and did automatic writing using his Medium abilities. He often talked about being in contact with a female reporter, Julia Aims. William Stead was the last person she interviewed for an article before she died. After her death, he wrote several books, including : Real Ghost Stories (1891), A Collection of Psychic Experiences and Reports, Letters from Julia (1909), Borderland: A Casebook of True Supernatural Stories.

Shortly before Stead’s death he was reported to have communicated at some séances and was traveling to America to speak at Carnegie Hall in New York City to lecture on world peace.

During the Titanic’s sinking Stead was found in the first class dining area reading a book peacefully as the ship went down. After his death, he was seen and heard speaking to many loved ones and friends including his daughter. Stead was seen and heard so much that his friend in life, James Coates of Rothesay, another paranormal investigator, collected testimony from witnesses and wrote a book: Has W. T. Stead Returned.

So would I recommend visiting the Titanic Museum in Branson, Missouri? That would be BIG FAT YES! I sure do! I think this museum is something everyone should see and put on their bucket list! It was surely on mine!

As you walk through the museum you can’t help but be amazed at all the artifacts, the ship’s design and layout, and  how the First, Second, and (poor) Third-Class passengers lived and were treated, also the staff!  You see all the people’s awful fates and you feel a lot of emotions: mystery, fear, sadness, peace, and serenity.

It all makes one question one’s own fate and why things happen as they do. I am a person who believes that everything happens for a reason but walking through this tragedy you feel so much and wonder…why? Just why did this have to happen to these people? Why did the Titanic have to sink?

Yes, there is a lesson of speed and the rich wanting to be richer, but is that all? I don’t think so. After you read all these stories and experience the Captain’s Bridge, the cold water they have out for you to touch demonstrating how cold the water was the night of the sinking and just how slim was the chance of anyone’s survival, you know that everyone’s lives were affected! Therefore, there can’t just be ONE LESSON! There are so many! We may never know just how many.

Then there are those who LIVED! So many of the survivors’ stories were filled with so much irony! Even in the movie based on the Titanic they exhibited the irony of the survivors with Rose living, telling her whole story and then tossing the most important passion she had the whole time that everyone was looking for into the Mid-Atlantic waters right over the Titanic’s sunken grave!

Yet in real-life, most of the passengers’ who didn’t die on the Titanic that fateful night of April 14th, 1912, died on the same date later in their lives or I found that their birthdays were the date of the sinking! How strange, how ironic or is it just FATE! We will never know.

This museum is as impressive on the outside as it is on the inside! The Titanic Museum should definitely go on your MUST SEE LIST while visiting Branson, MO. There is also a second location in Gatlinburg, TN, and both sites are haunted!

Jamie Terrell, the director of staff for both sites, says there is constant actively at both locations, however each building is one of a kind! They each have different artifacts and different ghosts! Go see for yourself. Look around. Maybe do your own investigations. See what you experience!

Stay tuned for my visit to the Titanic Museum in Gatlinburg, TN!

©Rosella C. Rowe

Visiting Information for the Titanic Museum:
For Teachers and Homeschool Parents:

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Miamisburg Mound:

“You have to see the Miamisburg Mound!” my good friend Amy told me with an intriguing smile on her face. “It’s a very spiritual place and not far away. Plus, I’ve heard it may be haunted!”

So, of course, I had to go see for myself! As you drive up to the mound it extends far and wide. The mound sits atop a huge 100-foot-high hill above our famous Miami River. The mound is one of two largest conical (cone-shaped) points in the United States – an impressive 65 feet tall and 800 feet wide.

Excavations conducted in 1869 proved the Adena culture that lived from 800 B.C. to A.D. 100 built the mound in several overlapping stages – like the shingles on the roof of your house. The overlapping is 24 feet deep.

The large mound’s history is interesting! For example, monuments like Miamisburg Mound served as cemeteries and may have been markers or possible boundary lines for tribal territories a long time ago. Researchers also believe that artifacts are buried along with the dead inside the mounds.   

Researchers estimate there once were 10,000 mounds in our Ohio Valley, however due to land and property exchanges throughout the years and construction of homes, villages and cities, there are now only a whopping 1,000 left! The surviving mounds are thought to have been created between 2800 and 2000 B.C.  According to research, the Adena culture gradually transformed into what we know today at the Hopewell people around A.D. 400. 

When visiting the mound, you can clearly see why its massive size makes it such a popular public attraction. You can’t help but have a good time while watching children climb to the top and then roll down its side as they laugh with their friends. Nearly everyone has a smile on his or her face!

As soon as you step onto the grounds, you can feel an earthly energy and lightness, as well as a peaceful presence when walking toward the Miamisburg Mound. As you get closer to the mound, its energy is strong and fluent!

Amy and I walked to the right side of the mound that was relatively empty of visitors and began to ask questions using my EMF reader as well as my voice recorder. We asked questions like, What Tribe are you from? How old are you? Who is buried in this mound? and so forth.  The EMF reader did spike after each question, but we did not identify any disembodied, voiced answers from a spirit.

Was I bummed out? Yes, but we still had spikes on the EMF reader so I took that as a good sign!  During our visit-investigation, we both walked around the mound and could clearly see there was absolutely NO electricity that could have caused the EMF spikes. We looked for boxes, breakers and so forth around the area of the mound and found nothing. So we concluded the spikes we received must have come from a spirit or the mound itself.

Would I recommend visiting the Miamisburg Mound? Definitely!  It is an impressive sight and if you are close to Dayton or just happen to be traveling through southwest Ohio, it’s only minutes from Interstate 75!

Go and see it! Try your own investigation and decided for yourself! You can even bring your kids and have a picnic or play at the wonderful little park and playground near the mound. You will love this place!  

©Rosella C. Rowe

Visiting Information for the Miamisburg Mound: https://www.ohiohistory.org/visit/museum-and-site-locator/miamisburg-mound