Tuesday, September 15, 2020

My Visit to Moonville:

            Every once in awhile I get a suggestion from a reader informing me about a haunted location to visit, but the idea of visiting Moonville, Ohio, has been made by MANY readers!

          Being from Ohio, I really wanted to go but when Covid-19 hit, my whole world was turned upside down and we were in quarantine for three months. Sometimes I still can’t believe it all happened. So needless to say, I couldn’t go for awhile.

          So, on Saturday, June 20, 2020, I was ready to hit the road with my good friend and fellow sensitive, Amy Branam. Nothing like two girls hitting the highway for a little day trip to a haunted location! Woo hoo!

          Two hours and twenty-minutes later, we pulled onto a gravel road, winding our way through a cliffside-forest trying to find traces of an old town that’s been taken over by trees and fallen rocks.  

          We pulled up to a trail and hiked our way to an iron bridge that was covered in a rock path all the way to a tunnel. Amy and I found out later that we could have driven my car right up to the bridge, parked and walked a short way. But no! We had to take the hardest, must dangerous hike there was, almost falling numerous times, again and again. At one point, I tried to turn around and ask Amy if she was okay, while I moved forward hiking up a mud-filled hill with pointy rocks coming out of its path, almost falling backward. After that, I just said, “Amy, are you okay back there, because if I turn around to look, I will fall!” She replied that she was fine and told me to not hurt myself. Soon we reached the bridge. THANK GOD!! “Wow,” I thought, “that was a scary trail.”

          Walking towards the tunnel, I was truly amazed! I have only seen pictures of it myself up until that point and NEVER realized how HUGE it was! Pictures on the internet sure didn’t reveal its actual size. It really was an impressive sight to take in. We both were surprised and stopped to take several pictures of it. The tunnel that says “Moonville” on it is made of stone and really looks beautiful and surprisingly intact for its age!

            Here is a little Moonville history: Moonville was a small town in a forestry area, now an abandoned ghost town, in Vinton County, Ohio. Little remains of this former mining and railroad community except a few foundations, a cemetery, and an abandoned railroad tunnel. The tunnel is legendary for its numerous ghost stories and tragedies involving many deaths mostly because the town had no roads so people were forced to walk the railroad tracks to get from place to place.


          One story I have heard time and time again is about a male ghost known as the Brakeman. A young man that was hit by a train in the tunnel and he was instantly killed. Now people say they see his shadowy figure as he haunts the tunnel day and night not realizing that he is actually dead.

          Also reported is the Lavender Lady, who is a thin, elderly woman, spirit that is hunched over as she walks the far side of the tracks. As she walks, she leaves behind the scent of lavender. People report that the spirit of the woman looks as if she is falling off the track, only to vanish into the air.

          Another story is about an Engineer who caused a train-wreck in 1880 dying instantly inside the tunnel. This ghost comes back to haunt the stony walls day and night.

          And lastly, and I think the most interesting ghost rumored in Moonville, is The Bully Above the Tunnel. This is a male spirit who, when he was alive, got intoxicated and was reportedly murdered one evening near the tunnel. He is said to walk above the tunnel.

          However, when I looked up this story, I actually found more deaths reported in the tunnel and on the bridge. By 1920, six people had been killed on the bridge (the same bridge Amy and I walked on to get to the tunnel) or inside the tunnel. The last death supposedly reported was in 1986 when a 10-year-old girl was reportedly struck by a car on the bridge; however, Moonville was abandoned in 1947 when the coal mines closed down, so that doesn’t make sense. By 1960, all the buildings were gone, and little was left of the tiny town in Ohio. All that can be seen today is its grand stone tunnel and what’s left (which isn’t much at all) of the town’s cemetery.

          Amy and I walked through the tunnel and you could definitely feel a presence inside, but to me it felt like a presence of the past. Simply history. There could be a spirit or two, but they certainly weren’t coming out to talk with us. 

          After investigating the Moonville Tunnel, we decided to move on to the cemetery! We walked back to my car and drove up the small, gravel, winding road toward the town’s cemetery. This turned out to be the scariest event of the day! Will we, or won’t we, make it! All I have to say is be sure to drive an SUV or truck on your adventure to Moonville because you WILL certainly need it, or you WON’T make it up the hill! Wow! Also, when you get to the top, be sure to park safely because there is limited space.

          After we arrived at the top of the woodsy hill and parked safely, we made our way to the cemetery where 13 gravestones, lasting through much weather and time, still stood. The rest have been lost to time and the forest.

          I was hoping we might find some ghosts in the Moonville Cemetery, a beautiful and peaceful spot on the slanted hillside. However, I am sad to report that not much happened, but my iPhone camera froze. That was strange! Whenever I lifted my camera and started to point and shoot to take a photo of a tombstone, my camera would turn gray. Soon, a van pulled up and two nice ladies came up the hill and parked. Later on they were talking to us and offered to take a picture of us. I handed her my iPhone to take a picture and the same thing happened again, my screen turned gray! Now, those of you who have an iPhone know that the screen doesn’t turn gray when it malfunctions or freezes up, it turns black! So that was odd but sadly it was the only thing (possibly) paranormal that happened on our trip to Moonville.


            So would I recommend taking a trip to Moonville, Ohio? I think so!

Even though we didn’t experience much, simply going for the fun of seeing what is left of a small, abandoned, mining town in the middle of a forest in Ohio was worth it! You won’t regret it!


       ©Rosella C. Rowe


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Tuesday, September 1, 2020

The Gill House:

 Eight years ago several volunteers got together to save The Gill House in Galion, Ohio. Brenda Treisch and Jane Baker, who I interviewed during my recent visit to The Gill House, told me about their passion for saving the beautiful house that once was an elite home in Galion. 

While the two women spoke, I could truly hear the emotion in their voices and passion for saving the property. With several other volunteers they bought The Gill House and now hold paranormal investigations and historical tours to fund its renovation. Their hope is to restore it to its original glory and even put the large four-pillared porch, which was destroyed by a past owner, back on the front of the house.

“How did you know the house was haunted?” I asked Brenda during my visit.

“Actually, a man we knew who was interested in the paranormal offered right away to come over stating, ‘We’ll come in and see if you’re haunted!’” Brenda thought: “Okay, and if there is a public interest, maybe this could fund the house.

“Luckily, the man found some ghosts in the lovely home, so we have been taking paranormal groups through the house ever since.” However, the group is really careful about guests being respectful of their resident ghosts in The Gill House by requiring guests to sign a waiver and by keeping a close eye on visitors during investigations.

“Have you ever had a paranormal experience here?” I asked Brenda. “Yes, she said. “I saw a dustball-looking entity that you could see through that was three feet off the floor move from the Sitting Room into the hallway. I also have heard things in the house a lot.”

Brenda’s husband, Brian Treisch, has also had similar experiences in the house but upstairs on the second floor, saw a man on the back stairs, and felt like he was touched while in the attic! One time, when Brian was in the attic with a paranormal group at night, he was standing near the large Christmas tree that was in storage there when he felt something scratch him. He thought he may have run into the tree; however, the paranormal group was using equipment that shed enough light for him to see that he was not close enough to the tree to be rubbing against it. That’s when Brain realized he must have been scratched by something else – something unseen. After Brian’s experience, the staff decided to just leave the tree in parlor after the next holiday. Now the Christmas tree stands in the parlor on the first floor all year long.

“Jane,” I asked the other volunteer sitting on a large Victorian armed chair, “have you experienced anything paranormal in the house?”
“Oh yes! I have experienced the most activity because I am the one who gives the paranormal group tours. I saw an Indian in the basement when I was with a paranormal group. I went upstairs and described him to another volunteer …  and was told that it sounded like I saw Soloman Jahnwcoke (also known as Johnny Cake), who is a well-known Indian, (who) was last seen stopping at the property on his way out of town. Then he rode into the sunset never to be seen again. I remember him well,” Jane said, “He looked me straight in the eyes.”

As Jane related her story, I could definitely tell she was emotional about what she had seen. Jane says that she saw the man in the far back room in the basement.
Brenda and Jan also claim that while in the basement, paranormal investigators regularly ask the spirits there: “Is Jahnwcoke here with us?” While reviewing voice recordings, those investigators often hear a “Yes” response.

Jane and Brenda claim that all volunteers at the house have experienced some form of paranormal activity.

The property itself has an interesting past. A cemetery used to be next to the property and when the home was being built, workers found graves that needed to be moved. Today, the volunteers claim that some of the paranormal groups that have visited often get the names of children sprits from the cemetery during their paranormal investigations. The volunteers think these children spirits also reside in The Gill House.

What’s also interesting is there have been three homes all owned and built by the Gill family on the same land! The original structure was a log home that was later torn down. Next, a Federal Style plain house with two stories was built on the site. Years later, Bloomer Gill married Nellie Stewart and came into some inheritance money. The couple picked the second house up off its foundation, moved it down the street, and built a new home, The Gill House, which is what you see today. Bloomer and Nellie had four children: Mary, Isabelle, Mina, and Jimmy.

Bloomer was known to hide from his wife in a corner of the attic while drinking. He even went blind because of his drinking problem. Today, that corner in the attic is called The Grumpy Corner, and it is a hotspot for paranormal activity. When interviewing Jane, she told me that she was called “A Bitch” by Bloomer on a ghost box during a night investigation while observing a paranormal group.

Unfortunately, none of the four children wanted the home after their father, Bloomer, died so Nellie, Bloomer’s wife, moved back into the Federal Style home  that had been moved down the street and which she still owned. 

Bloomer and Nellie Gill's Four Children

Nellie then sold The Gill House to Dean and Bonnie Talbott. Dean moved his elderly mother in with the couple, but Dean’s wife, Bonnie, didn’t get along with his mother, so the mother built a wall between them. The wall divided the upstairs where Ava, the mother, lived, from the downstairs, where her son and daughter-in-law lived. 

Dean’s mother died in the home and years later Dean died of a heart attack at an Ohio State football game. Ava remarried a shipman and no longer wanted the house. She convinced a high-society couple, Phillip and Jean Hesby, to move to Galion and buy the home. But the couple was unhappy in the town and let the home fall into disrepair.

Other deaths occurred on the property throughout the years when it was a log home and Federal Style home as well. 

The Gill House has several paranormal hotspots, including the fireplace that a volunteer was restoring. The volunteer said she felt a presence behind her. She turned and saw a translucent woman in white, wearing an old fashion dress looking at her, as if the apparition wondered what the volunteer was doing to the fireplace. The volunteer believes the woman was Nellie Gill, the wife of the former owner of The Gill House. She thinks Nellie was just making sure that the volunteer wasn’t hurting the property but restoring it. Then the vision slipped around the corner and was gone.

Jimmy is often spotted in the house in a child form and is known to be the prankster of the house, a role he reportedly filled in life. “So it makes sense,” says Jane, The Gill House volunteer.

Other areas of paranormal activity are:

        the back stairs where Brian Treisch saw an apparition of a man;
        the master bedroom on the second floor;
        the library;
        the dining room;
        the parlor, where a figure was spotted in the window. Other people passing by have also seen figures in the windows in the home while the volunteers are gone.

So did I experience anything at the Gill House? Good question!

While giving me a tour, Brenda Triesch took me to the basement and began showing me around; however, a light that normally comes on automatically wasn’t turned on. As we moved closer and moved around to see if it would come on it still didn’t. Then poor Brenda stepped out into the darkness and fell into the mud and as soon as she fell, letting out a small shriek, the light turned on! So that was my first experience at The Gill House.
Brenda's Footprint
Basement Light
              I started in the attic after interviewing Jane and asking her where she thought the most paranormal activity in house took place? Her answer was intriguing. “The attic.”
Why, I asked her. To which she answered, “You’ll see when you get up there!” Hmmm…this I had to check out.
Grumpy Corner
My friend and fellow paranormal investigator, Evan, sat on the attic floor while I sat on a large, red bucket asking questions. We didn’t get any response until I asked Bloomer to show us he was really there by making a loud knock or stomping sound. Then I picked up my right foot and stomped it really hard on the attic floor. Suddenly a huge vibrating stomp came from underneath my tennis shoe. I looked at Evan and was so surprised to get a sound that loud I could hardly form the words fast enough saying, “Did you...?” as my mouth gaped open and eyes widened. “Oh yeah I did!” he said, “right under my tuchis,” as he smiled. We both had felt the floor vibrate and as a paranormal investigator I have never gotten a sound that loud nor felt something with so much power! We didn’t get any other response, but now I know the rumors are definitely accurate. Bloomer was certainly in his Grumpy Corner.
          The second place we went was the second floor where Dean Talbott’s mother, Ava, lived. Remember, Ava didn’t like her daughter-in-law, Bonnie. We were walking around the hallway as Evan asked, “You don’t want me to be here? Do you want me to leave?” When my EMF-Reader lit up. I also heard a voice at the same time that was female say, “GO AWAY!” It was really loud! The air in the hallway seemed to change after that.
2nd Floor Hallway
              Soon we entered the room that the original owners used as their master bedroom. There are three windows in the room, which is shaped like the oval office in the White House. The windows are evenly spaced apart around the outside wall of the room. The main, front window, in the middle of the three, is the focal point of the room. I walked up to the middle window and looked out while saying to Evan, “I wonder if I can see the second house built on this property down the street from here.” That was when we heard tapping on the outside of the glass of the window toward my right. Evan and I both stopped short and looked at each other. I asked him if he had heard it, too, and he said he had.
Middle window I looked out of. Window to the right we heard the tapping on from outside (we were on the 2nd floor).
              After that we moved back to the basement where Jane saw the Indian, Soloman Johnwcoke. We started an EMF sweep around the basement and were asking questions when Evan would suddenly get swift EMF spikes but they would vanish then come back again. However, my EMF-reader wasn’t going off at all which was strange. This happened again for several minutes in the same area where Brenda had stepped into the mud and the light swiftly turned on.

          Then we decided to go into the library on the first floor and put our EMF readers on the large dining table that is in the room and asked, “Is anyone here with us?” Evan and I both told the spirits in the room who we were. Then we asked if someone was with us and if so, could they please make a sound? We demonstrated a noise by tapping on the table two times. In response, we heard two taps on the wall near the bottom of the windowsill. Then the EMF-reader lit up two times in a row. We stopped and said, “Hello” then it lit up fully for two minutes without stopping as we heard what sounded like a conversation from really far away between a male and female. The odd thing was it sounded like it was coming from the ceiling!

Library Fireplace
             Lastly, we investigated the stairs but didn’t get a response so we walked upstairs again to the second floor where we simply sat down in the middle of the floor and began talking. Fifteen minutes in we were laughing and telling jokes when we heard tapping on the wall behind me. Soon the tapping started to move around the oval room tapping between the windows as it moved around the room, until it reached the bathroom behind Evan where it tapped once. The tap seemed like it was at the same height as it was in the master bedroom. As this was happening, Evan and I stopped laughing and looked right at each other hearing the sounds. When it stopped, Evan said, “I heard that!” The room went silent so we began speaking again and after a few minutes the tapping happened again the same as it had before.

            So would I suggest a visit to The Gill House? HECK YEAH, I WOULD! If you love the paranormal or ghost stories this house won’t disappoint! You can book a paranormal tour and do an investigation by yourself or with a group. 
          Even if you don’t like the paranormal, you can go for an historical tour of the house! The house is so beautiful and there is so much history! Thomas Edison’s wife was friends with Nellie Gill, and the Edison couple visited the house often.
Henry Ford
          Also, Henry Ford was noted as stopping in for lunch with his black Ford automobile! In addition, Harvey Firestone and Warren G. Harding also visited The Gill House. There is so much awesome history to love about this gorgeous property. Visit and enjoy

  ©Rosella C. Rowe

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Tuesday, August 18, 2020

The Crescent Hotel and the Night that Changed My Life Forever!

Dedicated to:

 Ashley Floyd-Essman


                On our way to Branson, Mo., to visit the Titanic Museum so I could write a blog post, we were in the car driving when my husband mentioned how close we would be to the Arkansas border. We live in Ohio so it’s very rare for us to drive that far west. After hearing how close we would be, my first thought was, “Oh my God. How far will we be from the Crescent Hotel & Spa? The Crescent is known to be the most haunted hotel in America and is on my bucket list?” I’ve seen the hotel on TV many times and I fell in love with the historic site. The history of the hotel alone, not including its beauty, is amazing!

          Turning to my husband, I said, “Quick, look up the Crescent Hotel & Spa and see how far away we will be? If we are close, I will be shocked!” Normally, my husband would say, “Are you crazy! I’m not looking that up,” and then I would have to do it myself later, but oddly, he did!

          “It’s an hour and fifteen minutes away from where we are staying,” he informed me and then he found something else even better! The hotel offered ghost tours and he sent me the link.

          Four hours later, I had checked us into the Branson-area hotel, gotten the kids in their bathing suits for my husband to take them to the pool while I was gone, and bought my ghost tour ticket at the Crescent for their 9 p.m. tour. I was ready to hit the road. 

          An hour and fifteen minutes later, after winding my way through the creepiest half desert/half forest mountains (most of the time I was freaked that I WOULD discover that bigfoot was REAL because I was going to see one jump out in front of me on the road), I finally arrived in total darkness turning up small winding hills which were extremely hard to see. Suddenly, my Honda Pilot popped out on top of a hill and soon the stunning mega stone hotel, the Crescent Hotel & Spa, was right in front of me. I smiled as my heart lit up with joy and suddenly felt like a kid in a candy store at its massive sight.

          Gathering all my ghost gear, deciding that I didn’t care if I embarrassed myself by having it will me and using it in front of strangers, I shot out of my Pilot, locked my door and ran up to the front entrance taking tons of pictures like the tourist I was. As I was taking pictures of the beautiful fountain lit up in the darkness with a crescent moon stationed in its center, high above the glowing fountain, outside the hotel’s main entrance, I was blissfully unaware of how this night was going to change my life forever.

          Walking inside the hotel’s historic, immense lobby with an elegant fireplace and Venetian furniture, I could not stop smiling if I tried.

 I spotted some books across the room on some bookshelves – my mothership! I began walking across the large lobby past a big desk with a large fluffy cat sitting on top looking like it was checking out passing guests. At first, I thought the cat was a statue, but then I thought I saw it move. Getting closer to it, I said aloud to myself, “Is that real?” Then the cat looked over at me after hearing me speak and took off.  “Well, I guess it was real!” I said, again to myself, and began picking up some of the books to look at them.

            I found a book about the hotel, House of a Hundred Rooms: Tales the Ghost Tour Guides Do Not Tell. The book guides tourists through the history of the Crescent Hotel using stories of real people who lived and worked there, and its haunted tragedies. Little did I know that later that same night, I would make a call asking the book’s author, Keith Scales, for an interview as my first blog guest! But at the time, I was just excited to hold the tale of the hotel’s history in my hands.

            As soon as I bought the autographed copy of Keith Scales’s book, I walked to the historic metal elevator and pressed the button for the 4th floor. I didn’t know it at the time, but when I stepped into that elevator, so did my guardian angel! Yep, that’s right! My guardian angel.

          Making my way toward the end of the 4th floor hallway, I spotted, across from the restaurant the place to check in for tours. However, I was an hour early. “I should ask if I can switch my tour and do the earlier tour?” I swiftly thought. “Then I can get back to my kids earlier. It’s a long drive back and it’s so dark!”

          I walked over to the two ladies taking tickets for the ghost tours and explained to them who I was and that I drove all the way from Ohio to be there, telling them honestly about my situation and how excited I was to be there and I was planning to write about their hotel and ghost tour. They were so kind. They got up and even walked me to the tour entrance door and introduced me to David, who was to be my tour guide.

          I sat on an old chair next to a couple in their 40s. I smiled at them and suddenly felt the need to look at the woman next to me again. I didn’t know the reason, but somehow, I felt this strange feeling or pull towards her. “What is it?” I thought to myself. There was something about her. I also felt the need to speak with her, but I couldn’t understand why or what I needed to speak to her about.

          Soon David began speaking interrupting my own thoughts as he started telling the crowd about the hotel’s wonderful history. 

Our Ghost Tour Guide David 

                                                This is basically what he said:

          The Crescent Hotel & Spa is known as America’s most haunted hotel! The Crescent was built for the rich and famous in 1886 in Eureka Springs, AR. Guests came from far and wide to stay at the Crescent, although to stay at the luxurious hotel you had to be personally invited. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the best business policy and the hotel went out of business, falling into disrepair.

          In 1908 the hotel was bought and turned into an all girl’s college called The Crescent College and Conservatory for Young Women. Unfortunately, the school closed in 1924, but later reopened in 1930 as a junior college only to close again 4 years later in 1934. 

                The Crescent was leased for a short while and soon sold to Norman Baker, an infamous conman who fashioned himself a doctor however he didn’t have a medical license. Baker claimed he could cure cancer by using water from the Eureka Springs. He advertised it to cancer patients looking for hope and  turned the property into a cancer treatment hospital and health facility.

                However, in 1940 Baker was arrested and went to prison for mail fraud. The poor Crescent sat abandoned until 1946 when the property was sold to John R. Constantine, Herbert E. Shutter, Herbert Byfield, and Dwight Nichols. After going through several other owners, in 1997, it was sold to current owners Marty and Elise Roenigk for $1.3 million. They restored it to look like it did back in its glory days.

          Today the Crescent Hotel & Spa is well known in pop culture due to many paranormal TV shows visiting the hotel and recording their haunted experiences. That’s right; Ghost Hunters, Ghost Adventures, and Paranormal Witness have all come to the hotel capturing lots of ghostly activity, intriguing guests to come who want to have their own haunted experience at the historic hotel.

          One of the most well-known ghosts, Theodora, is a past resident and a former assistant of Baker when the facility was a cancer treatment hospital. Theodora is seen standing outside Room 419 looking for her lost room key. She takes up conversations with hotel guests, only to suddenly vanish into thin air leaving the guests perplexed. She also is seen on the 3rd floor of the hotel pushing a gurney with a dead body covered in a white sheet, usually at exactly 4 a.m.

          The hotel has many popular rooms with ghost stories such as a young man named Michael, a 17 year old, Irish immigrant and stonemason; and a poor, little, 6-year-old boy named Breckie, who died of appendicitis after four days in the hospital. The hotel even has a small closet-sized space in the basement known as the morgue that was used when the hotel was a hospital.


          Did I go to see all these things? YES! However instead of experiencing a ghost or a haunting, I experienced something else.

          During the tour, we started on the 4th floor when David, the tour guide, took us down to the end of the hall. I got out my EMF reader and began scanning the hallway. The group soon followed David down the well-known stairwell toward the 3rd floor were the nurse, Theodora, is often seen at 4 a.m.

          On the way down the stairs, I was walking next to Ashley Floyd Essman, the woman I sat next to who so grabbed my attention prior to the tour. For some reason, I felt drawn to Ashley. I can’t explain why but something in my head said the word, “Angelic” and I was drawn to her. As soon as I heard the word in my head, my EMF reader went off. We both smiled and looked at each other nervously since the EMF reader was going off but soon we were talking all about the paranormal, TV shows, and more. I told Ashley what I write about and we became instant friends, staying together during the entire tour. Ashley’s husband told me she loved paranormal stuff, but it definitely wasn’t his thing, so we both teased him as we all moved along with the tour.

          David took us around several places telling us ghost stories turning to me to see if my EMF reader was going off or not, and, if so, telling me why and who he thought it was, based off ghost stories of the hotel. Then he took us downstairs to the basement and morgue. The entire way down the hall my EMF reader was going off like crazy. I even captured a video of it beeping and lighting up. As I did, I looked behind me to Ashley. Both of us exchanged looks in disbelief watching what my EMF was doing.

                                                        Walking into Basement

          When we reached the morgue, we were taken into a room to view Baker’s collection of his cancer patients’ tumors, which he had cut out after their deaths to hide the fact that he hadn’t cured their cancer. Later, he buried the jars on the property, most likely at night so he wasn’t seen. The buried bottles were recently found by the hotel’s gardener, Susan Benson on February, 5, 2019. 

It was pretty disgusting but while in the room viewing the collection, Ashley was taking several pictures and videos behind me when she caught a red orb whisping in a circle high in the air until it disappeared amongst the members of our group. She had also taken a picture of an old patient wheelchair and large metal cabinet claiming she saw mist near them. 

            We were later led into a small space apparently used to stack the bodies on top of each other and leave them until the funeral home could come transport them. David asked members of our group to go into the small room, once used as a morgue, claiming that others we entered and shut the door have experienced something or gotten pictures of several ghosts.

          Ashley, her husband, and I, along with two other women, walked into the small dark room and David shut the door. We all began taking several pictures when suddenly Ashley’s husband (and skeptic) said, “Ashley, stop rubbing the back of my leg.” To which Ashley and I looked at one another via the two women’s cell phone flashes. Ashley and I knew she couldn’t be touching her husband’s leg because she wasn’t near him. She was standing next to me, on my other side.

          Ashley told her husband it couldn’t be her because she was not standing next to him and he yelled out for David, “Open the door!” David heard him scream and opened the door. He curiously asked, “Is everything okay?” as we piled out of the room. Ashley and I began telling David what happened and thought it was so funny that the ghost had touched her husband, who had stated to us that he didn’t believe in the paranormal. Pure irony! David said that this wasn’t the first time he had heard of someone having that experience.

          On our way out, I asked David, Ashley and her husband to take a picture for my blog article while holding the lit up EMF reader and they did. That was the first and last time I would ever see Ashley Floyd Essman.

Ashley Floyd-Essman and Husband

               After the tour David took me around the hotel telling me more as I took pictures. I had so much fun and he called Keith Scales for me and I talked to him about an interview for my blog. I drove back to the Branson hotel arriving at midnight and, by the morning light, I woke up to several text messages from Ashley. She sent me several pictures and videos which are seen here in this blog post. Most of this is from Ashley.

Ashley, her husband, and David (Our Ghost Tour Guide)

          Over the next several days, my family continued our trip then came home. On the way home my husband looked at me fearfully saying I didn’t look good, which I could tell really frightened him. I thought he was overreacting and assured him that I felt fine. I got home and talked to Ashley every day and night. We made lot of future plans to go ghost hunting together around the country. I even invited her to my birthday party the following week!! A total stranger but I felt as if we had known each other all our lives! It was such a strong feeling, one that I had never had before.

          We had such a connection!! She loved, read, and watched all the paranormal things I did! I just felt such a connection with her. It was the most unbelievably amazing connection I have EVER had with a friend.

          Then on day six after meeting Ashley, I picked up my phone and had an urge to text her about our exciting plans, even though it was past 9 p.m. She wrote me back saying something candid with a quick ‘goodnight,’ which was odd. That was the last I ever heard from her. That night I got terribly sick with the flu, or possibly Covid-19, because back in early February 2020 they didn’t really know what the symptoms were yet. I felt like I was going to die and was sick for weeks.

          That same night, Ashley died from a massive-heart attack at the age of 47! Her mother was kind enough to message me on Facebook and tell me that she had died. Ashley had told her whole family about me and our fast friendship. I was devastated and still very sick. My husband found me on the floor crying in shock. I had thought about Ashley during those days of not feeling well and thought, “hmmmm…I wonder why I haven’t heard from her. I will have to write her,” but I was too sick. That same night was the night I found out about her death.

          At my birthday party, I was still very upset and talked about it to my friends most of the night. I am a person who always believes that everything happens for a reason, only I couldn’t understand how there could EVER be a reason for loosing Ashley. I just didn’t understand why this had to happen. “Why would God introduce me to a great person, only to take her from me as soon as we had met?”

          I knew I wasn’t going to truly get over losing her even though I just met her. I felt that she was my best friend. We had talked and talked so much about our plans and future trips. We had so much fun during those talks. “Why would God take her from me?” Still, to this day, I grab my phone to text her and then remember and get upset all over again or become angry again from the loss. Some people don’t find out why, but I did!

          Three weeks ago, I was sitting at the Victorian House Museum in Millersburg, Ohio, talking with a spirit with two fellow paranormal investigators and friends, Paul and Harry, when suddenly Ashley came through. I was instantly crying and telling her how much I loved her, missed her, and cared for her.

          Ashley told me that she knew and that she would always be there with me. Ashley then told me the most interesting news of all…WHY THIS ALL HAD HAPPENED! Ashley told me she was meant to meet me in life, so she could help me in her death, watching over me as my GUARDIAN ANGEL! She told me God had sent her to me.

          That day was very emotional for me and still is…but now I truly have learned that EVERYTHING HAPPENS FOR A REASON!! So when you have a doubt, please think of this story! And think of this….


If I hadn’t heard my husband say that he couldn’t believe how close we were staying to the Arkansas state line, then I never would have asked him to look up how far away the Crescent Hotel was from our hotel. And I never would have gone to the hotel, AND MORE IMPORTANTLY, I never would have gone on the earlier ghost tour where I met Ashley!!!

All of these things led me to meet Ashley and if one of them didn’t happen, just one of these things, I wouldn’t have met her!  It’s all God’s work! He did it all!! It was truly meant to be.

          So why am I telling this story? Because God works in mysteries ways that we as human beings don’t understand and sometimes may never understand. I am one of the lucky ones, because I did get to experience and learn why I met Ashley and why I lost her.

          You also may be thinking, “Well, what took her so long to write this article then?” That’s a good question, to which I have a deep answer: if I did write this article, then it would mean that Ashley Floyd-Essman did die and that was something I wanted to deny! But after hearing her come through to me a few weeks ago I knew I had to and she did too!

          I really hope this story helps someone else deal with their loss and grief as well. It hurts and it’s still hard for me. My grief isn’t gone. But now I know that God has His reasons, and I need to put my trust in Him. It’s just a reminder of that and to live each day like so.

          Ghosts may haunt the Crescent Hotel & Spa, but instead of meeting a ghost like others go to the hotel to experience, I MET A BEST FRIEND AND MY GUARDIAN ANGEL!! Now, who can say that?!

          What will your experience be at the Crescent Hotel & Spa in Eureka Springs, Arkansas???


©Rosella C. Rowe

This article and blog post is dedicated to my dear friend, Ashley Floyd- Essman. I love and miss you! Thank you for being my friend and angel.

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