Thursday, April 15, 2021

 Zach Moore’s Hanoverton, Ohio

Spooky Ghost Town Tour:    

          Want a trilling haunted town tour? Come to no other then, host; Zach Moore’s History, Haunts, and Legends Tours!

          Moore is a wonderful host who takes paranormal enthusiast around the town of Hanoverton, Ohio telling a captive audience about the town, and its citizens, showing you the buildings they also lived in. The tour is interesting, yet crazy-thrilling, and filled with ghostly- history which is truly spooky and entertaining. You don’t want to miss out on this tour and you can’t beat the price! Moore only charges $10 dollars a person! So it won’t break your pocket-book.

          Joining Zach and I on our tour, was a good friend of mine, Mysti, who happens to be a well-known romance novelist. In addition, Mysti is a fellow paranormal enthusiast herself, like me; and we both had a good time looking around the town and seeing its beauty as well as the history.

          Misty and I went for a Halloween thrill. It was late October which was defiantly a good time of year to go even though it was chilly at night. However, we had a great Halloween-spook and much entertainment from our host, Zach. So if you are looking for something different and spooky to do this Halloween it’s a great idea.

           The spooky tour starts at the Spread Eagle Tavern & Inn which is full of history, and we grabbed a bite to eat with the host. All I have to say about the Taverns food is, OH, MY GOD! IT WAS SO FANTASTIC!!  Pricey, but well worth it.

          After our lunch at the Tavern we were taken outside to the front of the building where Zach told us about a woman, who was the owner’s daughter that had committed suicide from a failed marriage back in the 1800’s.

          Then he walked us down the small road to a large house on a corner and told us the story of a doctor named Dr. Robertson who used to dig fresh, new-dead bodies up at night in the towns nearby cemetery. He then brought them back to his house, to an undisclosed room on the top right side, on the 2nd floor of his home and did medical research on them. Afterwards, he would bring them back to the cemetery and re-bury them. Misty said it reminded her of Frankenstein and I very much agreed.

          We then walked through town and heard more history about the small village and its people, and saw other properties. We heard one ghost story about a little slave girl often seen at the Bowman house at the top of the staircase and several more, all we very fascinating.  

          I didn’t get any ghostly or odd feelings in the town until we reached a little white church on a corner, nearing the end of the town and road. The building looked newer then its surrounding buildings in town. I told Zach about the strange feeling I had about the building. He said that he didn’t know of anyone dying there but there was a strange story about the original building and church (not the one we were seeing today). The old building fell into ruin and the towns’ people used dynamite to blow up the building, thinking it to be less costly.  However, their mission went a bit wrong, and when they blew up the old church, most of its shrapnel flew a mile and half and was found in the cemetery up on the hill.  

          After touring the little village, which is really just a small road; you see that there are hardly any residents. In fact, most of the buildings in the town are for sale, even the ones that were on our tour! So if you are interested in owning a haunted piece of history check out the real estate in Hanoverton, Ohio!

          The last building we were brought to, which we had to drive to, was the old school house up on the hill, right before the town’s cemetery. The nice owners happened to be there, a husband and wife, who has just remolded the building to be a venue before Covid, and it’s gorgeous; and oddly enough for sale too! This building is known to be haunted by a little school boy often seen at night on 1st floor and left side of the large building in the window. If you go make sure to stop at old school house and see if you see him at night!

          Lastly we ended in the cemetery where Zach showed us all the grave stones of the town’s people we had just learned about. We then conducted our own paranormal investigation with Zach who took the lead because he knew the spirits well and interacted with them often. It was pretty amazing and Mysti and I had a wonderful Halloween experience on a clear October night in Hanoverton!        


©Rosella C. Rowe


For More Information:

Contact Zach Moore on Facebook also founder of: Founder of Z's Paranormal Expeditions


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Tuesday, April 13, 2021


Bobby Shook & His Mansfield Fire Dept. Museum:

          Getting out of my car in Mansfield, Ohio with all my equipment and gear in tow, I was greeted by an older man in his 70’s, Bobby Shook who kindly offered to help me with my things. As he took them in his hands, I had no idea that this man would be the funniest, oddest, and most wonderful character that I would ever meet in my life, or how much I would grow to adore him.

          Bobby had no idea of my gifts when he first met me but the one thing I kept hearing from a female spirit while he spoke to me about the building and showed myself and fellow Ghost Hunter, Brent around was: “You know, he’s mine,” in a very sarcastic tone with a snide laugh following the remark.

          I soon found out that the female voice had come from a fellow big teaser and deceased volunteer, Ethel who loved the Bingo Hall and Fire Museum and was apparently still there. According to Bobby, she was quite attached to the property and never wanted to leave it, even when she died.

           Ethel and Bobby loved to prank each other constantly and one always tried to one-up the other on a daily basis. But when she died she had asked in her Will to be put inside the museum on the top floor to the left of the building. She was denied this request due to health reasons, of course. But Bobby continuously tells me that he wished that she had been cremated and not buried, because he would have put her ashes on the top floor where she wanted. I can tell he misses her.

          On our three our tour of the museum with Bobby, he took Brent and I around the building and just like a big child having fun, he had us pull the old bell on the fire box from the old days (before modern technology of course) with glee and pure love of his job on his little round face. You could tell he loved his job now just like he did in the past.

          Bobby now retired, takes you around the Mansfield Fire Dept. Museum on his tour, showing you all the old fire trucks and equipment as he tells you past stories and experiences he had while working as a firefighter and on the fire truck in his very building as a driver (at the end of the truck near the back latter). In addition, you also get some of Bobby’s fun corky stories from the old days that are awesome. He is just so much fun.

          Bobby gives tours during the day and at night, he is kind enough to let Ghost Hunters like Brent and I in at night for some paranormal fun.

          We had several awesome experiences and afterwards I gave a Reading to Brent while Bobby listened. He has several ghost friends such as Ethel as mentioned before and a little girl, I have heard each time I go back to see him, and a past Fire Chief (who did interacted with us) and a deceased Curator who’s ashes are on display in the memorial room in the back of the building. He also haunts the museum and was Bobby’s friend. However, Bobby used to work with these men! Most of which either died on the job or were retired and died, and now roam the museum.  However, the most fascinating event was when Bobby interacted with them! This moment in particular special to me!

          I have been there three times now but the first night I was there with Brent, Bobby walked up his friend’s old fire-resistant- jacket and said, “Hey, Coop! Now come on Cooper, move that old coat of yours for us!” He had a thrill of laughter in his voice as he remembered his good old friend and fire-buddy. Then he asked again, “Hey Buddy! Remember, I introduced you to your second wife! Do this for me! Move your coat!” And just like that, the coat reacted and began to sway back and forth at Bobby’s command. It was so amazing. Each time I go, Bobby does and it moves. However, Bobby says, (and this is true because I have experienced it) if someone who isn’t a believer is there the coat will NOT move.

          Experience it for yourself! Contact Bobby Shook at the Mansfield Fire Department Museum and get tour or book a Paranormal Ghost Hunt you won’t regret it. You will love him, his tour or ghost hunt, as well as his funny stories, and the spirits that surround him in the Fire Museum. No one can resist Bobby’s charms!


©Rosella C. Rowe


For More Information:

Mansfield Fire Department Museum

1265 W 4th St, Mansfield, OH 44906

Phone(419) 529-2573

Tuesday, April 6, 2021


My Gifts Creating a Haunting, Or Was It A Haunting?


          Three year ago I was finishing my first book, The Haunting at 2095 when I got an idea for a 2nd book, 911 Emergency that I quickly became passionate about and I wanted to get it on paper at once. My passion for the two books became quickly conflicting.  I had a deadline to meet for publication for my first book and didn’t have time to wait. However, I took a pause, some calling me crazy, and wrote the first few chapters of the second story, and then went back to finish 2095.

          After the accomplishment of my first book, I pressed on writing more of my 2nd book but in light of Covid (and with the rest of the world,) life changed and I had to become teacher to my children, full time mother, and wife without breaks. My writing would take a backseat.

          Fast forward a year later, its 2021 and my kids are finally in school however, life is uncertain and hectic.  I feel a calling to write my book again, 911 Emergency for two weeks but never have a moment to myself.

          One day, Harry a friend of mine from the Victorian House in Ohio calls me and begins telling me about a dream he had. Harry, spoke to me about my book and asked if I had picked it up again? Then he goes on to talk about his dream. He was quite emotional about it and sounded unusual.  He thought his dream was a message for me to finish my book. Harry also told me that his dream seemed to never stop. “I kept waking up and going back to sleep again, trying to stop it but the dream would just resume again, each time.

          In his dream Harry says, I was writing my book in which he described my entire plot of the book and my main character –indicating he was a man of mystery who was faceless and nameless. But how could Harry know these things when I never told him this information? Harry seemed to know the plot of my book and whole story from start to finish! It was odd.

          Weeks later Harry asked me again if I had written anything new yet regarding the book, but I still hadn’t time.

Harry told me again, how he thought the male character in my book might be real and how he thought the main character in my book, really wanted his story told.

          So I called Paul, also from Victorian House who I work with well. I told him about Harry’s dream and my book. His advice was to try to do some research and see what I found.

          So I began researching on the web, things about my character in my book that could true. The character in the book is a male, and a dark character. The man dies in a mysteriously in a car accident on Leeway Road in his gold Ford Taurus after he crashes into the side of an abandoned house. So I typed in the search bar online: male dies in gold ford Taurus Leeway Road.  Coincidentally, an article came up as well as a news segment about a man who accidently went over a median killing his who family and an older couple near Leeway Road. This tragic accident had much similarty to my story.

          After that day, things began to happen in my home, A HOUSE WHICH ISN’T HAUNTED.

          One day I was tired from a long bike ride, so I lay down in bed. My family was out at the time and I was alone in the house.  I was almost asleep when I began hearing footsteps in front of my bed. This happened three times every ten minutes, just as I was falling asleep. I got annoyed and clearly couldn’t sleep after that. So I got up and took a bath determined to get some relaxation.  I normally would close the door to the bathroom at this time but wanted to hear if my family came home. So I left the bathroom door slightly ajar. I was just about to get into the tub when I heard a child-like voice of a little girl (quite similar to my daughter) say sweetly from downstairs in the kitchen: “Hello….?” I heard this three times in a row.

          I called out to my daughter, who I thought must have come home, but didn’t get a reply.  I got into the tub and ten minutes later I heard the same voice and “Hello..?” again! I called out once more in reply but again, no answer. This time, I got out of the tub and walked to my phone to see if our garage door went up, indicating my family was home. The garage and my phone are synced, so I get a notification when the garage is opened, but there wasn’t one.  I was alone in the house.

          That night I was freighted from my experience, so my husband waited until I was asleep to go downstairs and continue his work. An hour after he left the bedroom, I woke up to hear the same footsteps as earlier. Three solid footsteps in a row, ten minutes apart. I sat up in bed, angry now. I said aloud: “I don’t know who you are but you need to leave. I can’t help you right now. I need rest. Please let me sleep.” Hearing this seemed to make it upset, I heard it walk toward my double-doors to the left of my room, where I happened to have a plastic hanger which hung from one of the doorknobs. Then, with a lot of force, the entity hit one side of the hanger downward hard, causing the hanger to flip around four times until it finally stopped.

          I was very angry so I leaped out of my bed, turned on a nearby light and in the name of Jesus Christ, banded it from my house and told it to never come back.

          A week went by and nothing seemed to happen until the next Sunday night. I woke up to my motion-censored watch, lighting up my bedroom on its own, and then heard a footstep. I sat up in bed and said the same thing as the last week and it was gone.

          The most freighting experience came when I was again alone in the house because my husband was picking up our kids from an afterschool activity. I was sitting in bed watching TV, not feeling well, when I saw a dark shadow-like figure near my door out of the corner of my eye. I called my buddy, Harry right then and there and told him. He told me to ask Paul and that night the three of us conducted a remote session via phone to see what was going on in the house. Using Paul’s cooper-rods and combination of all our gifts, we found the answer.

          The two men who had died in that car accident came through right away, both wishing me well with my book, but sadly were not the ones who were coming to me. It was good to find out so I could move on. I thanked them and appreciated them helping. But now who could be?

          After the two men left, Paul turned to my Guardian Angels asking them who was trying to communicate and what I was experiencing? They came quickly, ready to talk and help, as if standing right by, waiting for us to ask.

          My Angel’s told Paul that it wasn’t a spirit at all; it was simply my stress, anxiety and energy creating paranormal activity in my home.

          Paul explained to me that due to my gifts, I am more sensitive to the universe, as well as my own stresses and anxieties, which in turn can cause paranormal energy if I am not careful and take better care of myself.

          After this terrible year who wouldn’t be stressed? I really had wanted to get back into the swing of things and writing but I really needed to slow down, which was also why I was tired and not feeling the best.

          So now, I am relaxing more and have slowed down a bit doing more for me…AND the activity has stopped and I feel better. Who knew I this could happen?  I defiantly have learned something from this paranormal experience!

©Rosella C. Rowe


Monday, March 22, 2021

 Lost Souls Attract to Male Teens:

          Heard of the theory that spirits are attracted to male teens but no one knows why? Well, I'm going to tell you. How do I know? From firsthand experience.

          Over a year ago, my friend Heather moved into our neighborhood and soon, her son and my daughter were fast friends. In addition, Heather and I did the same and were often having play dates with the kids at one another’s home. Little did I know, their house would soon have a paranormal situation and Heather would need my help with it.

          One winter night I was over at Heather’s with my daughter and I walked into the bathroom to use it when I suddenly felt an overwhelming sense of a spirit upstairs. I had to check it out.

           I walked out of the bathroom and Heather was oddly standing right there near the door about to hand me something, but she saw the expression on my face and stopped. “What is it?” She asked. I told her I had to go upstairs right now. Now she knows that at am a medium so she just nodded and said, “Sure, go ahead.”

          Walking upstairs, guided only by my senses God literally gave me, I swiftly recalled that Heather told me just a few days before that her son had accused her of moving his shoes around in his room while he was at school. Keeping this in mind, I walked down the long winding hallway and into the teenager’s bedroom and looked to the right. On the side wall was a huge 9-10 ft closet with an obvious 1990’s design. I noticed that the closet doors were off its hinges and painted white, and the closet had storage shelves in the middle of it from ceiling to the floor; like little cubbies. Towards the right and left was space to hang the boy’s cloths.  According to Heather, her son took the closet doors off because he felt a presence coming from the closet at night.

          When I looked at the closet, on the right side of it I saw a silent- spinning black hole.  I asked Heather if she saw anything odd and she told me “no”, then I told her what I saw. She couldn’t see it, nor feel it. Then I felt it.  A presence of a female in her 60’s sitting to the left of the closet in a chair who defiantly had come from the spinning hole.

          In my mind's eye, I saw an image of her walking around the room often, day or night, and she was rearranging the teen-boys shoes just like Heather’s son had described.

           I tried to talk to the lady but got little out of her because she seemed quite moody and from what I gathered she was from the South. She spoke to me about events in the United States that she had lived through, and I knew took place in the 1960’s. She apparently liked to sit with Heather’s son and watch him play his computer games at night, she felt he was company. I could tell she was a lost soul that felt happy here.

          Now fast forward to present day:

          I was at a party for a friend who had me come to do Readings for her guests. I walked inside my friend’s sister’s house and was there for only ten minutes when I saw a spirit peeking into the kitchen at us from around the corner. I was speaking with the owner of the house, her sister, and my friend when I felt it. I looked behind us and saw a tall 9ft male-shadow figure. It noticed me and soon moved across the room to a corner hovering under some family pictures on the wall. It was clearly observing us from the spot.

          I asked the owner if she had inherited any furniture in her house, wanting to see if the spirit had come with it, but “no,” she hadn’t. The owner asked me what I saw. I told her, which is when the mother of two teens spoke to me about her 17 year old son who had apparently always seen what I was describing: a dark shadow-like, tall male figure. The teen had been seeing this figure most of his life since he was 2-3 years old.

           I asked if I could see her son’s bedroom, really sensing I had to go upstairs, this then reminded me of Heather’s situation and what I found in her teenage son’s bedroom.

          The owner gave me permission to walk upstairs, which I did again guided by my senses and when I reached the top of the stairs I stopped looking back at all my friends and the owner of the house with her son behind me. I just knew I was going to find the same situation in this poor teen’s bedroom and hated to find it.

          Taking a deep breath, I walked into the teen’s room without anyone telling me where it was and, as soon as I entered, I saw it! The closet which was exactly the same 90’s design as Heather’s son’s, and I knew I was right! I froze in disbelief putting my hands over my mouth for a moment and starred at the closet doors.

          Reaching out to the closet I opened the doors, and there it was... the same as Heather’s! How can this be happening again? I thought.

          There it was… the storage area in the middle of the closet and it’s left and right sides were for hanging garments inside, and also the same…on the right side inside of the closet was the spinning black hole (though smaller then Heather’s)! This black hole was where the ghost had come from and came often did come in and out from.

           I later found out that the house was built by the owners in the 1990’s which made sense given the style of the closet, just like Heather’s. Also like Heather’s, her home was built as well in the 90’s. So much in common!

          I asked the teenager if the male spirit had ever touched him or he felt threatened. He said once, he was touched years ago, but he knew that the spirit wouldn’t hurt him. He assured me he felt safe and I did feel he was. I then saw in my minds eye, the boy’s experiences he described with the spirit. I saw the shadow figure come out of the spinning hole in his closet and stand in front of his bed as if, observing him.

           The boy told me I was correct and that was what he had always experienced. The teen felt safe and not fearful which I thought was a wonderful thing to hear. What a great way to look at the paranormal. Some people don’t react like this nice- young man did. How wonderful, I thought.

           So why does this male shadow-figure stick around just like Heather’s son’s female spirit stays? Why are these two spirits attracted to these two young, teenage boys?

          It’s simple! They are lost souls quite possibly with no family, and they clearly enjoy the company of a non-fearing teen-males because they don’t fear them. Therefore, the two spirits feel comfortable in their loving- homes and who wouldn’t because these two families, not related to each other, have both seemed to have taken them these souls in, like a fellow -family member.  I would stay too!

How beautiful …








Tuesday, January 5, 2021


A Paranormal Gem:

Why I’m Writing a Book!

          The Victorian House Museum is a paranormal gem. Why, do you ask? I will tell you!

          One day I happened to be scrolling through a Facebook page called Paranormal Ohio, when I happened to scroll down really far and ran across an ad for Victorian House Museum and its paranormal investigations. I saw a picture of the house and a group of volunteers called The Ghost Guild Paranormal Group and was hooked! Why was I hooked? I soon found out that it was due to fate.

          It was May and I was excited to start my second investigation at the Victorian House, but before I began, I needed to interview the director, Mark, regarding his experiences in the house. For my first visit I went alone, but this time I brought my daughter with me. She was playing quietly at my feet for over an hour while I conducted the interview. Soon Melissa and Harry arrived, volunteers of the Ghost Guild; they came in and sat down while we finished the interview.

          I was wrapping up when my daughter popped up from the floor and told me that she saw a little girl in the room with us. She told us the girl was 8 years old with blond hair and blue eyes, and her name was Millie. “She keeps asking me to play with her,” she said. Who knows, I thought. Maybe there was a Millie who lived in the Victorian House!

          Two hours later, after a wonderful lunch, we walked over to the Victorian Queen Anne Style home. As I was about to walk inside and stood on the front porch waiting for Harry to unlock the door, I could feel the energy. Someone inside was beckoning to me. It was as if someone were speaking only to me: “Come inside, come inside, come in…This is your fate.” I couldn’t shake the feeling. Each time I came to the house I felt it.  Keeping my feelings to myself, I followed Harry inside.   

          We all knew I was on a specific mission to read children’s books to the child spirits upstairs, so Paul, a medium, and Harry, also a medium, and two Ghost Guild Members, my daughter and I walked straight to the Children’s Room (as it’s called) on the second floor. I took out the children’s books I brought with me and placed my EMF reader in the middle of the floor. As promised (from my previous investigation), I said I would bring books and read to the children spirits in the room. I also thought I would try an experiment today with my 9-year-old daughter, who was excited to volunteer.

          I took out a children’s book about Lake Erie and began talking to the little girl, whom the members believe to be named “Leona.” She had lived next door, but her grandparents and an aunt did live in this house. “Hi, Leona.” I said. “I am back. I hope you remember me. I am Rosella and I am here to read to you today and this is my daughter. She wants to read a book to you, too.” As soon as I began talking and reading from the book, my EMF reader lit up, going all the way to 5. As I read the book about Lake Erie, which the little ghost had indicated in the past that she liked, Leona lit up my EMF reader whenever I reached the end of a page or said “Lake Erie.” She really interacted with me and answered all my questions using my reader as a communication tool. I asked if she like the book and she lit up the device again.

                                                            Video of event:


          All of a sudden, I could feel all the spirits in the house pop in the room all at once! Everyone was there and looking at me as if they were welcoming me into their space. I got very emotional and started to cry. They were happy tears of joy and acceptance! I was finally accepted into their home and they were showing me their approval. It was the most wonderful feeling in the world!

          After my emotions settled, my daughter introduced herself and began reading a book she actually wrote. She talked to the little girl ghost about Oscar, her lovable cat who the book was about. I knew the little girl loved cats from the previous time so I thought she would love my daughter’s book and she did! She lit up the EMF while my daughter read the book and when asked, “Did you like the book about Oscar?” She lit up the device again for a long time to really show us she did.

                                            My Daughter Reads to Child Spirit:


          After that, my daughter pulled out her My Little Ponies figures that she brought with her so she and Leona could play! This was the experiment!

          Okay, I know what you’re thinking. “How in the world could she play with a ghost?” Here’s how: Paul got out his rods and told my daughter to ask Leona questions as she played, and she would answer her back so they could communicate and play. And it worked!!

          First, my daughter asked, “Which pony do you want to be?” Then she slowly went through all the ponies. “Do you want to be this pink one, or this one?” she asked as she picked them up and looked to Paul’s rods for the answer. The little girl answered back using the rods AND my EMF reader. They played for about 45 minutes. I could tell my daughter was getting tired, so we said “thank you” to the little girl spirit and began talking about other things.

           Suddenly Harry looked up and so did Paul. I could see their eyes looking down the hall, so I sat up and looked, too. At the top of the stairs at the end of the hall stood a tall man in a dark, old-fashioned suit and hat. He was slender and looked like he didn’t have much hair. Harry looked at Paul and I could tell that they both seemed to know the man, “It's your father.” Paul said, “He’s here to say ’Hi’ and he loves you.” Then Paul told me it was common for Harry’s father to show up. How cool is that! Suddenly, I felt another spirit next to the man, who turned out to be Harry’s mother! The family was showing up to check on their son and meet his new friend, Rosella! How sweet!

          We all walked around the house and showed my daughter the home. Soon, my daughter got bored as we adults began to talk. She ran down the hall to the Children’s Room with my EMF reader talking to Leona. I let her go play. I knew she was safe in the peaceful home. Harry took me upstairs to show me the Maid’s Room. This is the room where my friend, Evan, and I were during my previous visit, where I saw the large shadow figure on the door.

          We walked in and he asked me what I felt. I told Harry that there was a young woman in her 30s standing between us and “she is very upset that you all call this the Maid’s Room. She says, ’She is NOT the maid!’ She is practically shouting it out and she is looking at you. She is short and wearing a black dress with black thick-heeled shoes, with her hair in a bun and her arms on her hips, she is angry. Harmless but clearly doesn’t like this room’s name.” Harry said this was all new to him; they have never experienced this before, and he would look into the history of the house and get back to me.

          Harry then unlocked what looked like the closet door but turned out was an old sitting room now used as a library and storage room. He walked in and asked me to follow him. “How do you feel?” he asked me once inside. As soon as I entered the little room, my heart began to race, my pulse quickened, and I felt nauseous and dizzy. I had never experienced this before. I told Harry this, still feeling like my heart was going to beat out of my chest, but he said he wasn’t surprised. He told me he was having the same reaction. I was shocked! I have never had that happen to me before. Harry informed me that this was often reported by people who come in this room. They felt the same way I did.

          Soon, Harry pointed to the door and said we could leave the room, which I liked. I began to turn and step toward the door. Suddenly, my racing heart STOPPED and was back to normal again like nothing ever happened! The whole feeling just abruptly stopped. How is that possible? I turned back to Harry in disbelief. “It stopped, didn’t it?” he asked. How did he know? He looked rather surprised as well. “Yes, it did” I replied to him. “Mine did, too,” he said.

          We left the third floor and walked to the second where Paul and Melissa were talking at the end of the hallway as my daughter played in the room down the hall. We stopped and told them what we just experienced.

          Soon, Paul said, “How about we shift things and go downstairs and try?” We all agreed, and I called out for my daughter to come down with us. My 9-year-old daughter came skipping down the hall, her light brown hair cascading behind her as she came toward us. She stopped right in front of me causing everyone else to stop. “Mom, Mom!” she cried out. “I am having so much fun with Leona.” I gave a look to Paul who was right behind me. “Well, you know, Honey. Sometimes we think the spirit still may be with us; however, sometimes they don’t have the energy to stay long. So she may not be here anymore.” I said this to my daughter as I leaned over and hugged her. Paul then chimed in saying, “Yeah. Sometimes they have to go and can’t stay long. But they still care about us.”

          Then my daughter did the funniest thing I have ever seen her do! She stuck her right hand to her side in the air, still holding my EMF reader and said, “She’s here! Light it up, Leona!” as she cocked her head to the right looking at the reader and smiling. The EMF lit up going from zero all the way to a 5 (in the red) immediately! “See!” she replied to us all, then turned around and ran down the hall with the EMF still lit up all the way to 5. “Come on, Leona,” she said to the little girl spirit as she skipped away. Harry, Paul and I all stepped back, agog at what we just witnessed.

          A few minutes later, everyone was in the Sitting Room area downstairs on the first floor with my EMF reader on the coffee table in front of me. Paul sat on a chair while I sat on an older Victorian mini sofa; Harry on another chair on the other side of the room and Melissa sat across from me on a long sofa, also Victorian style

          Soon my EMF  reader (I had another one) lit up and I asked if it was Lena? I thought it had to be because for some reason I would always get the same feeling in the pit of my stomach whenever she was nearby. She verified it was her, which helped me understand that feeling. Whenever I get it from now on, I know Lena is there.

We chatted back and forth with her as she answered my questions. I asked her, “Do you know that I care about the house and you and telling your story?” I told her I loved the home and how beautiful it was and, if it was me, I wouldn’t want to leave it either. She told me yes and agreed with me, which Paul (a medium) verified as did my EMF in answer to my questions. Soon Lena was gone and then it happened…

           My departed family came to see me! I was stunned! Just like the volunteers of the Ghost Guild told me, “Your family will show up in the house and come see you.” I remembered this happened to certain people but I never thought it would happen to me!

          My uncle came through and told me something shocking and emotional. He died very young and I really miss him. Then my grandfather came and for some reason I asked, “Who sent me to this house? Who made sure that I scrolled through all those posts on Facebook?” And my grandfather told Paul it was him, that he sent me there and it was my FATE to be in the home. He also said, I was meant to write a book about the house. I hadn’t even told anyone yet that I was thinking about doing that.

          Then my good friend (who I had only known briefly), Ashley, came through (I wrote about her in a previous blog:)

        I missed her so much. I always wondered why we met if it were to be only for a short time. But then she told me why. She said, “I was supposed to meet you because I was meant to be your guardian angel!” It was fated that we both met while she was alive so she could get to know me in life, therefore she could protect and guide me in her death.

          This investigation was unbelievable, and nothing could ever compare to it! As I left for my three-hour drive home, I was overwhelmed with emotion, but in a good way. What an intense and raw experience I had. I found out a lot of information along with many reasons about why things happened the way they did. I finally had closure, which I definitely needed.

          The next morning Harry called me. He was very excited. “You won’t believe what we found out!” he exclaimed. “Remember when your daughter said she saw a little girl named Millie?” I replied “yes.” “Also do you remember when you went into the Maid’s Room and said you saw a woman who was upset that we call the room the Maid’s Room and why? I told him “yes” again and then he laid it on me! “Well guess what? Lena (the last resident from the ‘70s) rented a room to a woman in her 30s named Millie Henderson and we think Lena might have rented THAT room to her.”

          “Oh, my Gosh…!” I exclaimed. So my daughter did see a ghost-child named Millie, and I also saw her as an adult in the Maid’s Room because it was her room! Without knowing it, my daughter and I worked together and found out that there was another spirit in the house, and she definitely wasn’t the maid!

          Harry also told me this was the same woman who stood up and testified on Lena’s behalf as a character witness for Lena during her third divorce! It all makes sense! Wow! What a discovery!

          So back to the beginning. Why do I call the Victorian House Museum in Millersburg, Ohio, a paranormal gem? Obviously, you can see why! Amazing things happen when you walk into this house. It’s like the house invites you in and changes your life FOREVER!!

          But why is the house so special and why not other houses in the world? Why do all these spirits from different families choose to stay there in the afterlife? Also, why do people (like me) have profound experiences regarding their deceased family members?

Well. You will just have to wait and see in my upcoming book, Paranormal Gem: The Victorian House Museum. After all, I am fated to write it!

©Rosella C. Rowe


For more information:

Victorian House Museum Website:

YouTube: Historical Video:

Tuesday, December 22, 2020


The Demon Strikes Again!

          “Someone is here for you from Ashley’s family,” Paul informed me as I took a step back in surprise. “What?” I asked “Who?” Paul stood still holding his rods and began to ask. Paul, Harry and I were in the basement of the Victorian House Museum, a place I call the Paranormal Gem and this would be why. Why would someone from their family possibly be coming to me? Then it hit me. I already knew why. I suddenly took another step back and became quite while Paul went to work.

          “Who are you and why are you here?” Paul asked the spirit who had just lit up one of my little cat balls I brought with me for the spirits to play with. A resident ghost, Howard, who resides in the basement of the house, had informed us by pointing down the dark basement hallway that someone who was different from the home, was down the hall. Once he told us this, he then pointed down the hall for us to watch using Paul's rods and then the little ball lit up! Now we were trying to find out who it was.

          “It’s a Grandmother figure from Ashley’s family. She came to ask you for help. “He really needs help.” She told Paul.

          I knew it! I thought to myself.

          Ashley’s family member had contacted me a few weeks ago seeking help. He told me that he thought he had a bad spirit attached to him since he was a child. Talking to him I soon realized he sure did and it wasn’t just a bad spirit, it was a demon!! That night the demon tried to get to me because I had passed on his number to someone who could help get rid of it. By me helping him, it was trying to now get to me. In an instant I learned how to do the white light of protection to save me (previous blog article: How the White Light of Protection Saved Me!)

          Now a Grandmother to him was coming through asking for help. This isn’t good. How did she find me and how can I help? I felt so bad. I knew if she had found me, which had to be hard to do and knew of the problem, it must be worse or going to get worse soon! And I was right.

          The next day, I called his relative I knew, and asked her to get together with their grandmother who I knew would help, and get him to priest! He needed an exorcism and right away! I knew he had children and sure enough, just like I thought it was coming after one of them!

          Driving home a few days later, from a long trip that weekend from upper Ohio, my phone buzzed with a message from the man’s wife, who had contacted me asking for help. She had woke up in the middle of the night to their baby monitor going off. It was one of those motion censored camera baby monitors. I used to have one so I knew how they worked. If the baby/child moves the motion turns on the camera showing the parent their child. However, she didn’t see the baby moving. She wondered why it was turning so she went to go check on her child, finding the baby fast asleep in bed. “The baby didn’t look like it moved at all so I decided since I was up to go to the bathroom and get a drink of water.” A few minutes later planning to walk to the kitchen after the bathroom she saw something that would horrify her forever! “In front of the babies bedroom door was a tall black shadow that looked bulky and strange.” It might have had horns on its head, she wasn’t sure she just ran into their bedroom and told her poor husband.

          I was right; it was coming for the baby now!  I told his wife what to “Call a priest right away because your husband needs an exorcism right now! She informed me that she understood and had seen movies about this kind of things but couldn’t believe this was really happening to her and her family! I understood what she meant. I told her after what I had experienced regarding it myself, I also had to face the same reality which for me wasn’t easier either! She then told me that their children hadn’t been baptized yet so that scared me to no end. I said you need to do that right away!

          I also talked to her about the White Light of Protection and how to use it to protect herself and her child. “It saved me!”  I informed “I know it can you!”  I also sent her directions on how to do the White Light of Protection. I told her, “It’s not anyone’s fault this is happening.” She hadn’t done anything to bring in and I knew her husband hadn’t either, it just finds people and in a weak moment, it’s let in and attaches. “Even though it sounded crazy this WAS HAPPENING!” I exclaimed, thinking so myself and not believing I was giving out such advice for the first time in my life!

          I am so worried about their baby. I knew it was coming for the poor child if they didn’t get help! She informed me she would call the priest in the morning. I hoped so.

          The next morning I messaged to see how it all was going. She said her husband was upset and not wanting to deal with what was quite happening yet.  I expressed my fear for their baby again and the need for help and she informed me that she would call tomorrow for the children to get baptized right away.     

          Consequently, this is not the first time that the Victorian House and Ashley have collided. Not the first time indeed!

           Ashley had come through on my 2nd visit to the Victorian House to tell me she had met me in life to be my guardian angel in her death. Then her relative finds me and asks for help via Facebook Messenger. NOW a Grandmother steps forward inside the Victorian House’s basement during an investigation out of nowhere and lit up the little toy balls I had and sets off my EMF-reader to ask me once again for help. Somehow I this was meant to be. There were too many events, leading me to help.

          I hope and pray I have done that and they get a priest in to do an exorcism and spare the family. They have been through so much! I also hope that this article helps someone else who might be going through something similar which is why his wife gave me permission to write about this.

©Rosella C. Rowe



Tuesday, December 8, 2020


Waverly Hills Sanitarium:

Louisville, KY

        As we pulled up the large hill to Waverly Hills Sanitarium, I couldn’t help but take in its vast size and large balconies. The building had five floors, a body shoot and its own zip code, as well as an interesting history.

          As I was about to start our tour of the huge sanitarium with my good friend, Misty, the guide informed us “that even though the building is known to be haunted, more people lived here than died.”

          The property was originally owned by Major Thomas who had two daughters, so he built a little schoolhouse for them and hired a teacher named Lizzie Lee Harris. She then named the school Waverly School after the series of novels (that started with Waverly) written by Sir Walter Scott.  Thomas decided he liked the name so he named the land Waverly Hills.  Years later, when the land was purchased and the infamous hospital was built, they decided they liked the name, too, so they choose to call the hospital Waverly Hills Sanitarium.

          The hospital opened July 26, 1910; however, the building was designed to only accommodate 40 to 50 tuberculosis patients, but TB became a huge epidemic overtaking the hospital’s capacity. Soon there were 140 patients.

        Why was the hospital built on top of a hill? So the hospital’s many patients would have plenty of air. At the time, they didn’t know that tuberculosis was an airborne disease, so they thought lots of air was a cure to the disease and the patients were encouraged to sit on the large balcony daily for sunshine and fresh air.

          In 1961, an antibiotic and treatment was discovered and cured TB. The hospital was no longer needed and closed in 1962. I was told during our tour that later the building reopened as Woodhaven Medical Services, a nursing home. However, due to abuse it was closed by the state in 1981.

          On our 9 p.m. tour, Misty and I followed our guide with our group to the basement. Not knowing where she was leading us, we followed the dark cement walls feeling our way down a long hall and stopped where the guide told us. We were told we were not allowed to use our phones or flashlights so we couldn’t see a thing. As we were stopped, the guide began to tell us about the history of the building. That’s when Misty and I noticed something odd. In the dark we saw a glimmering blue object that would light up, then fade away into the darkness. The object did this several times. It was strange. I asked Misty if she was seeing what I saw and she replied she did. All of a sudden the guide flipped on the lights revealing the hospital’s body-shoot directly in front of us. Where we had seen the blue light was actually the side of a tunnel that sloped downward. We looked at each other with our mouths open in surprise. We surely didn’t expect that, and no one else in the group noticed the blue light.

        Later we walked to the second floor to what is referred to as the terrace. Misty and I stopped right in front of an old window that had recently been replaced. We were looking at Misty’s ovilus, and it gave the word “Wailing.” That’s when the guide told us we were standing in front of a hot spot for paranormal activity. Then the guide showed us a picture of two women with a ghostly-looking young woman between them photo totally photo bombing their photo! In it was the same window that was behind us. We were standing in the exact same spot the photo was taken and told by the guide that the young woman in the photo was a spirit.

        When we reached the fourth floor, we were told that this was where most of the paranormal activity took place. As we walked down the hall and into the heart of the building, the guide told us several stories. When we stopped, we were in total darkness. “This floor is the most haunted and is referred to as the shadow play floor because a lot of shadow people are seen here,” the guide said.

          The guide asked for volunteers to walk down the hall and tell the rest of us what they saw while they stood alone in the darkness. While one woman did this, I thought I saw a 9-foot-tall shadow person peek its head as well as the side of its body around the corner and look down the hall at our group. I told the guide but it faded away into the darkness before she could see it.

                         Here are my thoughts on Waverly Hills Sanitarium:

          I had a lot of fun but didn’t feel much spiritual activity besides the two small experiences I’ve already mentioned. I talked to other paranormal-loving friends of mine who had been there before and ghost hunted all night, and they said the same thing.      

          Therefore, my opinion is…

Go so you can say you have gone and to experience the building that is a part of our American History. The property is amazing! The thing that I didn’t like for sure was that the guide didn’t let anyone use their phone or flashlight so you felt like you couldn’t take a picture or you would be scolded like a child, which she did do many times to teens on the tour. Misty and I weren’t able to get pictures either because of it. In addition, I also was worried the whole time I would trip and that made me feel uncomfortable. I can’t see well in the dark. I wish I would have known this all beforehand but go and have a good time.


©Rosella C. Rowe


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