Tuesday, August 2, 2022


Nancy’s Mother:


One fall night, I went over to my neighbor’s house to ask a favor and spend some time with them. I rang their doorbell and stood outside waiting. Soon I heard my friend’s husband, Terry shout, “Come on in!”

 I pushed their dark brown door open and walked inside. Inside, I saw Terry sitting in their living room to the left of the house with his guitar in his hands strumming away. He had a big smile on his dark-bearded face. However, I saw that he had company with him.  Across from Terry, sitting in large winged back chair, was an older woman in her 60's. She had brown eyes, with shinning-dark hair that was shoulder length. I didn’t see much of her, because her back was being towards me, and she was sitting in a large chair, but she seemed kind. She slowly turned, to recognize my presence as I entered the home and she gave me a small Princess-hand-cupped wave, and smile.

 I smiled at them both and said, “Oh, I’m sorry. Hi there. I don’t want to interrupt you.” Terry’s guest slowly turned herself back around to listen to Terry as he continued strumming his guitar with a smile, and I walked to the back to find his wife, Nancy.

                 An hour later, Nancy and I were sitting at her small island in their kitchen laughing and chatting away when her husband came in to get a drink. He began talking with us and soon, we were heavy in conversation. I suddenly remembered his guest, the kind older women sitting in their living room.

I spoke up with confidence asking Terry why he was with us in the kitchen when he had a guest, “I don’t want to keep you.” I felt bad for keeping him so long, and thought it very odd of him, now that I remembered. It must be a relative and here I was being so rude.  

                Terry and Nancy stopped and quickly exchanged odd looks with one-another. Then they both turned again towards me as Nancy asked me, “What in the world are you talking about, Dear? There isn’t anyone here besides you as our guest tonight.” I was shocked.

                I told them what I had seen when I walked in the house and expressed to them what I had seen when I came in the house. “That is why I didn’t stop to talk to you, Terry. I didn’t want to interrupt and be rude if you had a guest or relative over.”

                “I thought that was odd, you didn’t stop,” replied Terry talking softly, “but no.” Terry replied to me looking at me in astonishment, “no one is here.” Nancy swiftly led us all to the living room explaining to me that no one could be sitting in that chair because it had stuff in it. They had been doing a big house clean out that day and stuff was all over the living room.  “See,” she said pointing to the chair, “no one can even sit here.”

As I looked down at the chair I saw a huge pile of hangers from a closet lying on top of it, in the middle of the large cushion. “I was just too tired to put them away,” Nancy explained.  “So I left them there for later.” I was flabbergasted as I took in the sight.

                “But …but,” I stammered trying to make sense of what was happening. “I saw an older women sitting right here!” I expressed.

                I saw Nancy and Terry exchange looks again. Then Nancy asked, “What did the woman look like?”

                I described the woman to them in detail, and as I did, Nancy swiftly brought her hand to her mouth in surprise. “What is it? I asked her.

                Terry looked at me then said, “That was Nancy’s mother. We cared for her for several years. She died years ago.”

                I will never forget the night I saw Nancy’s mother sitting in that wing-backed chair in the living room as Terry played his Guitar. Her Mother must have really loved him and his music. I feel she was there to support him and enjoy him playing; even in her afterlife.

©Rosella C. Rowe


Monday, July 18, 2022


Parasitical Spirits:

          For those of you who have read my book, The Haunting at 2095 I just had a HUGE breakthrough last week!

           I may have finally found out what the continuous growling sound in my childhood bedroom was, near my window was as described in my book. This started happening after my, so-called friend, held a séance against my knowledge at the age of 16 at a slumber party I was having. I found out and stopped it, but it was too late.

          However, making a long story short, I was watching Portal’s to Hell on TV last week when I saw a Psychic named Tim, talk about Parasitical Spirits. These are spirits who pretend to be another spirit that someone in a room wishes to contact, just to steal your energy. It also can hook to you and make your life miserable in other ways too.

          After 26 years, I COULDN’T BELIVE I possibly may know what it was in my bedroom that roamed my house, when I was a child, trying to scare me and even KNOCKED ME OUT one night!  It may have been a parasitical spirit!

          I did an internet search and didn’t find much until I stumbled upon this wonderful explanation of Parasitical Spirits, called, What Are Spiritual Vampires And Parasites. This explains: what they are, how they function, and what they do. Please check it out for your own sake to be able to protect yourself from these awful, evil, energy suckers that are out there.


          They try to scare you as well and make you fear sleeping, and basically you’re every move in order to cause you to omit energy and take it from you. They are known to drive people into depression and suicide. BE CAREFUL! I know from more than one experience how dangerous these little guys are.

          For example, a few weeks ago, after a long weekend of investigating with myself and my friend, Misty, Amy (another friend of mine) had one of these spirits try to attach itself to her during our paranormal investigation at Benton Jail in IN. It was serious. It made her question her sanity, which they do! And she had awful nightmares often 3 in a night and she was scared all the time. She was also tired and didn’t want to eat. She often was distracted and would stare off into space. I was really worried. I took her outside during the start of another investigation last weekend; we were just beginning and started to do a banishment of the negative spirit.

          As I started, the spirit got terribly angry and Amy cried out in pain because her mid-back was burning and this happened too all night long when we were in the Jail but we didn’t notice at the time.

          The burning continued 3 times and if I didn’t have my tourmaline rock on her back on the spot that was burning, she would be in severe pain. So I had to keep the rock there to stop it a lot. It took me more than 10 minutes to rid her of the spirit. And I often do what I call, Negative Spirit Banishments. This thing fought leaving!

          Be careful out there. Help yourself and protect yourselves from Parasitical Spirits and negative energy spirit suckers like these and White Light yourself before you go into buildings that are unknown or haunted.

          I really hope this helps others. I contacted the author of the blog who wrote, Spiritual Vampires and Parasites to thank her for her blog post and tell her how much she helped me and my friend, Amy. I hope her post as well as mine helps you.



©Rosella C. Rowe


Friday, July 8, 2022

A Trip Back In Time:

        As I drove along the long- winding drive around Punderson Lake, I took in the woodsy nature along the way as the tree’s cleared and I drove up a hill. I could not believe my eyes, as I took in the beautiful sight of Punderson Manor that the Cleveland family built, and lived in. The building is full of history and the land can only be described as simply gorgeous.

          I checked in and asked the staff if I could have a tour and I was soon introduced to the Manager, Christine who was very kind and knowledgeable. As Misty, my friend and I, stood listening to Christine talk about Mr. Punderson and the haunting experiences the guests and herself have had at the Manor, I noticed something odd. Christmas had just passed a few days ago and there was a Christmas tree behind the Manager as she spoke to us. I saw one, and only one, small nutcracker ornament on the huge Christmas tree in the foyer, near the staircase start to move back and forth.

        I watched the ornament for several minutes as Christine talked to us.  I finally spoke up and told them about the moving nutcracker and said it had been moving since Christine started talking near the Christmas tree. Christine was amazed and told us that has never happened before. When the tour was over and Christine walked away from us, I saw the ornament on the tree abruptly stop. As if someone had grabbed it in their hand.


          As Misty and I waited on our fellow paranormal investigator and friend, Brent to come join us, we walked upstairs and into the Library, were Christine told us that they received a lot of activity reports from. We walked in and sat down and I immediately began feeling a man in the room, an older presence. I got my rods out and began talking to the man who told me he was, Mr. Cleveland who had built the home. He was very nice and friendly. We had a great conversation with him about his home and his family. Soon his wife joined us to see who we were. Misty and I introduced ourselves and she was also very kind and polite. They told us that the Cleveland family (as well as their children) and Mr. and Mrs. Punderson, (the original landowners) resided inside the house as spirits in their afterlife and were very happy.

          They said they enjoyed looking at the glassy lake and loved roaming the home as spirits. I could certainly tell.  Mr. and Mrs. Punderson soon came too and told us that they had built and owned a Distillery and Inn next door.  They had raised their children there but stayed on the property now, because they loved it. We had a great time talking with them all but we were getting hungry, so we went down for dinner.

          Later when Brent arrived, we got out our equipment and walked downstairs to a banquet hall. It was a large pretty room overlooking the lake and soon we heard an odd popping sound.

          Brent got out his SLS Camera were he found a stick figure that popped up in various parts of the room as we asked, “Who is here?” At times, you could feel cold air surrounding you.  Minutes later, the figure stopped and sat down and was still. Brent showed us a stick figure at one of the tables tapping his hand on the top impatiently. I asked the man if it was Mr. Punderson?  He then replied back, “Yes, but I want you to go.” Since it was his home, we were respectful and left.

        Upstairs on the first floor, we walked into the restaurant and bar, now closed, and quickly found, Cybil, Mr. Punderson’s wife. Cybil sat at a small round table near the bar. However, she told us she wasn’t interested in talking so we walked into the Dining room to investigate.

          We sat down at a rather LARGE dining table which took up the whole room, under a grand chandelier. The dining room was the original dining room to the Cleveland family.  Brent saw two figure’s pop up right away on the SLS and the woman said she was Mrs. Cleveland. The figure visibly looked smaller than the other figure beside, Mrs. Cleveland. This new figure seemed to be dancing. Brent said “hi” and asked them if they were dancing and I heard Mr. Cleveland reply back, “yes.”  We asked them a few questions and they were excited to chat with us. We asked them if they liked living there and they said yes and they said their children were there but were upstairs.

        Suddenly the maid came into the room for a visit with us, in spirit of course. We spoke to her and asked if she liked working for the family and she told us, “Yes, I love working for them. They are good, kind people.  

          Punderson Manor had certainly proved, so far, that it was it extremely active!

           Next we walked upstairs to the 2nd level, were we saw a letter from Mr. Punderson to a Doctor, who seemed to be a friend of his. Brent began reading the long letter aloud, and as he did, Misty’s EMF-Reader Lit up all the way and stayed that way until the letter was done.

          We began walking down the hall were we had a lot interaction with us via the Ovulus, regarding what we were talking about during the time. Brent’s stomach made a sound, and the Ovules said, “Laughing.” Then our EMF went off like wild fire, at the end of the hall in front of the last door on the right in the hall. I had an odd feeling in front of the door and did not like the energy at all. It’s hard to explain but it felt like it was a dark energy. So we walked back down the hall and into the library were Misty and I had previously spoken to the spirit of Mr. Cleveland.

          We sat down and started to ask Mr. and Mrs. Cleveland questions, to which we had interaction with us via our EMF and Ovulus equipment and also myself, because I am a medium. Minutes later Mrs. Punderson, Cybil; popped in and began interacting with us. We had a great conversion with them for a long time.

          I could see and feel Mr. Cleveland and his wife on the left side of the room, and saw them standing next to each other, with big smiles on their faces. I then saw Cybil, standing on the right side of the room in front of a small window, she was also smiling and kind, but had a very serious personality.

          Suddenly, we heard the TV from a room across the hall get really loud. We all looked at one another and as soon as we did, Brent’s Motion sensor’s he had placed in the doors entryway went off as if someone had walked through the door and they were walking straight toward us. As we waited to see if someone had come in and was walking down the little hallway towards us, no one came. We all exchanged looks and just as I started to ask, “Is there someone there?” We heard a man’s voice say, “Hello!” really loudly. Then the motion sensor went off again and then again Brent’s EMF followed, just as it had done before.

          This activity was very strange so I looked over at Mr. Cleveland and his wife. They both gasped and took a step back as they told me it was an unpleasant and dark spirit from down the hall. This was the dark energy I had obviously felt before at the end of the hallway.

          I turned and told Misty and Brent what the couple had said to me about the dark spirit. Misty then asked the couple, “If the spirit who entered the room is dark, can you light up our Equipment?” As soon as Misty asked, my motion sensor ball lit up and began moving around in a circle, then swiftly stopped. After it stopped I felt all the good spirits leave.

          After an amazing night at Punderson Manor, we packed up our stuff and walked down the many winding halls to the new portion of the Inn to get ready for bed. But the night was NOT OVER…

          In the middle of the night, I woke up to an odd feeling. I went to the bathroom, and after, got back into bed. As I lay back down, I felt like someone was watching me and standing over my bedside to my left. As a Medium, I’ve learned that you have to ignore a lot of things, so I pretended I didn’t notice and put my head down on my pillow. 

          A minute later I felt some of my hair lift from my pillow and head, and float in the air. I innately yelled out, “Hey! I said no messing with me when I am trying to sleep!” As soon as I said that, my hair dropped, and I heard a faint male-chuckle. I knew it was Mr. Cleveland.  I just laughed to myself and smiled.

        So would I recommend Punderson Manor? Yes, I sure would! The restaurant and bar were awesome too and we never did get to see the pool but it looked modern with an AMAZING view you cannot beat!

©Rosella C. Rowe

Tuesday, March 1, 2022


Can You Say BIGFOOT?

          Early one morning in the countryside of Indiana, a friend of mine named, Sandra woke up to the sun shining and her friend’s dog, which clearly needed to relieve himself. She got up and walked the pet to the back door, opened the door and watched it run outside to relieve himself.

          Suddenly, Sandra saw a big white streak fly four feet off the ground, right by her friend’s dog. She couldn’t believe her eyes. She blinked and looked around, hearing no sound at all. “What was that?”

          Shortly after, Sandra got into her car and drove a quarter mile down the road and stopped after seeing a group of several Amish men building a barn nearby.

          She pulled her car to the side of the road near them and rolled down her window and asked the group of young men, “Did you see a white streak of light or animal around?” The men looked oddly at each other and smiled. Then one of them replied, “No, but we heard it knocking down trees and breaking up wood.” 

          Sandra was certainly shocked, “Knocking down trees! That’s odd,” she thought. She hadn’t heard a thing when she saw the strange white streak.

          Then another odd thing happened. The oldest male, seeming to be in his 40’s, started to walk toward Sandra’s car smiling strangely at her, whilst smoking a cigarette; soon he stopped near her car.

          “Do you want to find out what it was? Maybe we should go look?” Sandra asked.         

          “No, we are good,” he replied. “We just heard it knocking down wood. We didn’t see it. We have to get back to work now.” Then the odd man backed away from Sandra’s car, keeping his odd- smile up as he walked away.

          After her strange experience; Sandra drove back to her friend’s house to continue her job. However, she couldn’t shake the odd feeling that the men were hiding something.


          Weeks later, Sandra found out that the Amish man in his 40’s, who spoke to her after she saw the white streak that odd day, died a few days after the incident.

          Sandra also informed me that several times during her stay on the large- property she house-sat; she had smelled a bad odor or stench that would come and go each time she let the out the dog.


          I reviewed Sandra’s odd experience after speaking with her: The strange white-streak near the dog, the odd yet; awful, stench that came and went during her stay when she let out the dog.


          It all seemed to me after all these years of interviewing many people with similar experiences that it could only be one thing: A BIGFOOT!


          Think about it! Her friend was out of town, the Bigfoot didn’t know who she was, and it was curious about her, but unfortunately it got too close which is when Sandra saw the white streak. It was probably a white Bigfoot running so fast it appeared to her as if it were a white streak.

 Then there is the awful stench smell. This makes complete sense to me, because I often hear people say, “There was a horrible smell or animal-like odor,” before or after they saw a Bigfoot.


          I hope that my friend, Sandra’s experience has possibly helped someone identify what they might have also seen and also could not define. Perhaps you too have seen or experienced a Bigfoot.


 ©Rosella C. Rowe

Tuesday, February 1, 2022


Camping with Bigfoot:


        The other day a friend of mine struck up a conversation with a man helping her at her storage unit. This man happened to tell her a Bigfoot story that happened when he was 15 years old and camping near Mammoth Cave, KY with his Boy Scout Troop. Since she was a Bigfoot story buff, she was intrigued.

        The man, now quite older, claimed the boys in his troop heard Bigfoot calls coming from the woods nearby. Soon the boys went alone into the woods in search of the animal that was making the sounds.

        According to the man, the boys kept hearing the calls getting closer and closer to them. However, when their Troop Leader found them all missing, he went in search of young lads. When the Leader found them he told the young boys to, “Stop that noise." The boys looked at each other astonished.

    They informed their Scout Leader that they hadn’t been making noise but heard strange calls all night continuously from the woods and they had gone in search of who had been making the sounds.

        The leader told them to go back to their camp right away. The next morning, the boys were told by their Scout leader to pack up right way for they all were leaving. The man said it was the oddest trip he remembers as a Scout.

        Later on, the young boy found out that their Scout Leader had been told by a Park Ranger that odd morning that several Bigfoot calls and sightings had recently been reported around the area where they had been camping. Their Scout Leader was worried and didn’t want the Troop in any danger so he told the boys to pack and they all left.

        So if your next destination vacation is camping near Mammoth Cave in Kentucky, beware of the strange sounds that go bump in the night, or a call from dark, spooky woods. After-all, it could be a Bigfoot.

©Rosella C. Rowe

Wednesday, January 12, 2022


Vanished Passenger


                Last fall my family was in our Honda Pilot making our way up to Lake Erie for the weekend when I noticed a woman driving a little green car beside us who seemed to be talking a lot to her passenger in her car.

          The woman sitting beside the female driver looked just like her, however 20 years older. I thought it must be her mother and they were clearly on a road trip. How fun!

          The lady in the passengers’ seat sat smiling and listening to the driver as she spoke and the driver seemed happy and deep into conversation with her, or so it seemed each time she passed us or I; her, in the heavy road traffic we were experiencing on the highway.

          However, the fourth time the little green car passed, I noticed something quite alarming.  Looking into the little green car next to me, on my left, while driving; I NOW SAW THAT THE WOMAN’S PASSENGER SEAT WAS EMPTY!!

          That’s right, EMPTY! 

          I only saw the female driver I had been seeing the whole trip, but now she was alone. Her passenger had suddenly vanished.

           I was shock. I soon remembered how I thought the driver was talking to the passenger most of her trip and with my mouth gaping open, I tapped my husband quickly, who sat next to me in our car.

           “Look into that car!” I exclaimed still driving up I-75 next to the little vehicle.

           “Yeah,” he said looking confused.

          “Do you see an older woman in the passengers’ seat next to the driver?” I asked.

          “No,” he replied and looked at me strangely. I told him I had seen a woman in the passenger’s seat each time we had passed until now and described the lady I had seen. “Now she is gone!”  I said as I looked at him totally freaked out.

          My husband told me he hadn’t seen anyone in the passengers’ seat when we had passed her before. I was completely stunned, yet the situation got even more surprising!

           I told him I had seen the woman driving and talking to the passenger this whole trip, how could she be gone?  That is when he pointed to the little car and said, “See…” my husband said as he pointed into the car driving next to us. “The woman is probably talking into her phone, and it’s on speaker.”

          He was right. I looked over and into the car.  I thought the woman driving the car was talking to the passenger this whole time, however now I noticed her phone hanging in the middle of her windshield, inside her car, from a cell phone holder. She must have been speaking into her phone this whole time and I thought she was talking to the person next to her.

          It’s important for readers to know that neither I nor the female driver in the little green car had stopped or pulled off the road during the hour drive our family drove on the same road, close to her car in heavy traffic.  

          So how did the older passenger in the little green car vanish into thin air?  It’s simple; she was the driver’s deceased mother paying her daughter a visit!


©Rosella C. Rowe


Tuesday, June 29, 2021


                Holy Horses, Cats, and Dogs!

            Two weeks ago I went down to Kentucky to give a reading for a friend, but not just any reading! No...this reading was for her horse! It was very interesting. During the reading, the horse’s mother came through and was in the barn with us asking me to pass on a message to her daughter.

            Once I told my friend this and gave the horse the message from her mother, an awesome thing happened. Her horse began neighing and jumping about in her stall looking at the corner of the barn where I could see and feel her mother. She knew her mom was there.  The horse got very happy and excited at this reunion. 

            While we watched the horse react to her mother, I told my friend, “She sees her mother, she is there in the corner,” and pointed to the right of her barn. I could see my friends jaw drop to the floor. Then we looked at each other, taking in the scene happening before us. It was a beautiful and defying moment.

            Half an hour later, I was down the road at another client and friends house, giving another reading, when her deceased cat, Pumpkin came through. I described her cat to the client, “He is black and is lying at your feet. He is saying, “Meow and hello, Mommy,” to you. Her face lit up and she smiled in shock and awe at being able to have her cat near her again.

            Suddenly, her small dog, which was living and sitting near her other foot, saw the spirit of the cat, Pumpkin. She straightened up and began barking at the cat! This happened every few minutes, especially if the cat slightly moved or spoke to us. The dog would get up and bark again staring at the deceased animal.

            The client and past pet owner, looked at my daughter and I (my daughter was with me, who also sees animal spirits) whenever her dog barked near her feet.  “The dog sees Pumpkin at your feet,” my daughter exclaimed to her.  We both informed the nice client that her cat tells us that she visits often to check in and she really loves the basement. That’s when the she told us, “That is funny, because the basement was were the cat lived because it loved it so much.” The cat replied saying, “I sleep with you each night, Mommy.” It was such a special moment. The cat’s past owner then told her beloved cat, “I will look for you at night. I miss you and love you, Baby!”

            Hours later, we were about to leave when she took us over to see her three dogs and see what we picked up from them. We gave all the dogs a quick reading to which the owner agreed to our findings, and then she walked us to the door and told my daughter and I that she was impressed with both of our special gifts from God and how wonderful we both were. She also told us that her cat, Pumpkin’s ashes where in the house and were upstairs in her room. “Well that makes so much sense!” I cried to her. “That is why she comes back often.” The animal has a connection to her ashes and her former owner, who she loves. It was a very interesting to day, to say the least.

            However, this is why I LOVE my job! I get to reunite people, and now passed on pets, with their loved ones again. I get to deliver amazing and emotional news to them that their loved ones live on, but on the other side; giving them utter joy and happiness! Through me, they are able to talk and connect to them again. It is truly amazing!

             I got into the car with my daughter and we both looked at each other and then I said, “Well…I am never boring!” and we both laughed.

©Rosella C. Rowe